Rock Band coming to iPhone soon

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Rock Band iPhone

For all of you out there who love to jam with friends using Rock Band, you will soon be able to do it on your iPhone. As confirmed by EA Games and a video of the gameplay (see below) and in a Touch Arcade preview, a version of Rock Band is currently awaiting approval in the long line of iPhone applications, and should hopefully be available next week. After watching the video, the interface appears to be very similar to that of Rock Band as seen on XBox 360 or PlayStation 3, which is nice. It will come with 20 songs on the initial purchase (no price has been specified yet), and there will eventually be $0.99 two song update packs available.

The arrival of this in the App Store will bring on some interesting competition for Tapulous and their Tap Tap Revenge game that is very similar in style of gameplay. Tapulous has certainly enjoyed the profits and recognition of being the best Guitar Hero type game on the iPhone as they got their version out a lot sooner than EA Games. However, now that the official game will be here and Rock Band already has a large user base for the hardware based version, Tapulous may need to be even more innovative with their application.

Aside from name recognition, there are a few other things that could put EA way ahead of the competition. Since they already have hardware, it would be awesome to be able to use an adapter and plug that into my iPhone using the ability of the latest SDKs to interact through the pin connector. Then I could, for instance, use a real guitar while on my iPhone. While this certainly wouldn’t be as fun as on a TV, it would still be a nice feature. What do you think?

Via [The Unofficial Apple Weblog]

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