Apple updates MacBooks, Mac Minis, iMacs and Magic Mouse

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We have rumors gone true, folks. I like to call those trumors. Just as predicted, we have new unibody MacBooks (not Pro), Mac Minis (including a Server version), iMacs and the Magic Mouse.


You’ll be able to pick up the new unibody MacBook today in Apple Stores. The casing is made in the unibody fashion, but it’s made of plastic. It also has a new glass multitouch touchpad to go along with it’s non-user-replaceable 7 hour battery.

Plastic MacBook


We have two sizes, 21.5 and 27 inches. These are both 16 by 9 format, and all aluminum. They have viewing angles of 178 degrees and a bare minimum resolution of full 1080p HD. The insides are pretty similar as that of older models, with some obvious bumps up. The most notable differences are the new SD card slot and a video-in on the 27 inch model (it needs a special cable). And now, you’re new iMac will come standard with a wireless keyboard and Magic Mouse!

27 inch iMac

Mac mini

The base model is now a 2.26GHZ Core 2 Duo CPU with 2GB of RAM and a 160GB HDD at a cool $599. Possibly the biggest news in the Mac Mini world is the option for a Mac Mini Server. The Mac Mini already makes a great server, but this version does away with the optical drive and replaces it with another 500GB HDD. It also does away with the Mini DisplayPort and $999 of your cash.

Magic Mouse

My favorite product of the day Now you see it, now you don’t. Okay, that’s not what’s magic here, but I’m happy to report that the new Magic Mouse is scrollball-less. The multitouch gestures you’ll be using will replace that and then some. All of your flicking will be accompanied by inertia, so your webpages will scroll smoothly. Its battery (yes, it’s wireless) will last about 4 months. This guy’s sleek acrylic case will cost you $69.

Magic Mouse

Apple Remote

Apple also snuck one past the rumors. It’s a new Apple remote. Its design fits right in with the newest iMacs and MacBook Pros. Aluminum with black buttons. $19.

Wow, quite a round of updates for Apple. I’m very surprised there wasn’t a press event or the like. Either way, I think Apple will be seeing a lot of our money today.

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  • MacMatte

    This is distressing that Apple brought out major updates to the iMac, and refused to bring back matte, anti-glare screens. You can see from the petition site that there are numerous Mac users, particular photographers and graphic artists — and others who suffer from eyestrain due to glossy reflections — who were waiting for the matte screen to be brought back.