Star Wars Trench Run: on an iPhone not so far away

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star wars trench run for iphone

We know virtually nothing except for a YouTube video—a rather good looking one at that—but it appears that THQ Wireless will be bringing a new version of the classic Star Wars game to the iPhone.

As in the original, you’ll dogfight with TIE fighters above the Death Star before racing along the trench, dodging lasers and obstacles before trying to drop a photon torpedo down a 2 meter target, a shot which Appletell editor-in-chief Kirk Hiner dismisses as “impossible.” What’s changed is that the graphics are greatly improved (if this teaser video is to be believed). No word yet on actual gameplay of course, but the video implies that it will take advantage of the iPod’s tilt mechanics to steer the X-Wing.

But enough speculation: here’s the video.

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