Bobba Bar is on its way to the iPhone and iPod touch

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Are you familiar with Habbo Hotel? The company behind the sensational virtual world, Sulake, Inc., has created a similar pocketsize virtual world for mobile devices known as Bobba (or Bobba Bar for the iPhone version). Bobba has already been out on various smartphones for a few months now, and the company is now focusing on bringing the popular virtual world to the iPhone and iPod touch. The 1.0 version of the app has already been submitted to Apple for review, and should make it into the App Store any day now.

So, what exactly is Bobba Bar? If you’re familiar with Habbo Hotel, then you should have a good idea. The two are almost identical, of course with some exceptions. The main difference between the two is that Bobba Bar focuses mostly on bars, cafes, and other food and beverage establishments, while Habbo Hotel is more of a virtual hotel. With Bobba Bar, you have to sixteen years old or older.

Bobba - Tech Bar

The available screenshots suggest that Bobba Bar is going to be a very impressive iPhone “game,” and is likely going to make good use of the iPhone’s graphics engine, as it does on the other smartphones on which it’s available. Bobba will be a free download from the App Store, although I speculate it may make use of in-app purchases in future updates (think coins in Habbo), and will be released as soon as Apple approves it.

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