Apple prepping $30/month iTunes TV subscription service?

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AppleTVAccording to sources for All Things Digital, Apple has been pitching a $30 per month TV subscription service via iTunes in the past weeks. The sources are saying that various TV networks have been approached by Apple about the deal, and if enough support is gained, this could potentially rival the way we’ve accessed our TV through cable for years now. The good news about this information, though, is that Apple apparently hasn’t been tying a service such as this in with the Apple TV hardware, but rather would make it available through iTunes, which has 100 million users already. Furthermore, the sources state a service such as this may be available as early as this coming year.

This idea poses a couple of interesting ideas. For one, it would introduce a new source of revenue to the cable networks who have been eager to do such a thing for a while now. However, it would also potentially conflict with currently existing relationships with cable providers such as Comcast and Time Warner. That said, companies such as Disney have shown a willingness to experiment with things such as this in the past, so it could happen. There still remains the issue of how this would affect actual TV viewers and ratings, then, which would have to also be figured out by Apple and their possible agreements.

Via [All Things Digital]

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  • Gareth

    Do you know when apple TV is coming to the UK?