More Verizon attack ads focus on iPhone and AT&T network

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Map for What?

Verizon is certainly on a roll with their iPhone and AT&T network attack ads, and it doesn’t appear as if even a lawsuit is going to stop them. In a bold move, they’ve published three more ads directly focused on comparing their phones to the iPhone as well as their 3G network to that of AT&T. The first of these ads takes place on the Island of Misfit Toys, where the iPhone is questioned as to why it is there when it can do so much. AT&T’s coverage map then pops up from the iPhone, and all the toys understand. Quite clever, Verizon.

The other two ads are directed more towards the AT&T network as a whole. They again feature the same blue maps lacking in coverage, as well as the vividly red Verizon coverage maps. On one hand, I think Verizon is being wise in attacking AT&T where they are weak, and where all the iPhone users certainly know they are weak. However, I feel as if they are dropping the ball at the same time. People use the iPhone because it serves their needs, not because they like AT&T. Verizon, Motorola, and Google need to market Droid as a solution to what the iPhone doesn’t do if they want to take any considerable market share from it.

Either way, I think we’ll see more of these ads coming. While Apple hasn’t launched any ads against the Droid or Verizon as they have with Windows 7, I don’t believe they should. This would only prove that Apple sees the Droid as a competitor and would give it more publicity as such. By remaining quiet as they still have the lead, they are doing the right thing. That said, it will certainly be fun to watch what happens out of Cupertino as Droid and Android pick up market share and become more serious competitors.

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  • benjitek

    Slow news day? This has already been extensively covered on pretty much every blog and national news service…