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Uniea recently refreshed their line of iPhone cases, and the company is ready and waiting for you to pick from among their selection. From minimalistic cases at $34.95 to hip holsters for the same price and even an exercise armband at a nice low $24.95, Uneia has your iPhone covered, quite literally.

Everyone’s different, and your taste in cases is certainly no exception. Thankfully, Uniea has a lot of options, just like always. I don’t want to dilly dally, so let’s get right to it.

U-Suit Premium

I think I’ll start things off simply. The U-Suit Premium ($34.95) is the most basic of the cases in this roundup. It’s a hard plastic shell covered by leather. The shell snaps on to the back of the iPhone but allows for full control and access to all buttons and ports.

Uniea U Suit up close

I like this case for a lot of reasons. First, it’s thin. I have a hard time liking cases that add a lot of bulk. The whole point is to protect your device, not make it a chore to carry around. The U-Suit Premium is very basic when it comes to protection though. You’ll basically only be preventing scratches to the back of the iPhone. If you drop your iPhone, you’re likely SOL, but that’s the risk you take by having such a thin case.

U-Suit Folio Premium

I can’t say what the logic behind the U-Suit Folio Premium ($34.95) is, since Uniea doesn’t sell a non-premium version, but I can say that the Folio Premium is a natural extension of the U-Suit Premium. This case basically adds an extra flap of leather to cover the front of the iPhone while it’s in your pocket, bag, etc.

Uniea folio

I’m not really sure why you’d want this extra flap of leather though. While it does attach itself to the top of the iPhone fairly securely when closed, it’s a bit awkward when open. The extra leather just hangs around, or I suppose you could flip it under, between your hand and the back of the iPhone. But ultimately, it doesn’t really help anything unless your iPhone is in a bag full of keys or knives or something. It might protect your iPhone from screen scratches if dropped on the ground while closed, but if it’s in your hand, you might not have the flap over the top, nullifying any benefits gained over the first case. I guess I’m in the group of people that think the front of the iPhone doesn’t need much protection. The glass is very durable to everything short of a drop on concrete, so I just don’t believe in screen protectors or the like. You might be different, so keep that in mind.

I just don’t like this case. It works fine, and you might have a specific reason for wanting this case, but I’d advise you to look elsewhere if you don’t have your heart set on this one.

U-Hip Pop

Dad’s everywhere rejoice, Uniea has a hip case for the iPhone. I almost started looking for my non-existant child when I put this case on my hip. Okay, I’m done. The U-Hip Pop ($29.95) is actually a very nice hip case, or holster, as we non-dads prefer to refer to it. There’s a magnetic closure to ensure that the flap over the top of your beloved iPhone stays over the top of said device. And the design is quite attractive while staying very secure. The belt clip is very tight, so it won’t be falling off of your hip any time soon.

Uniea U Hip

The only thing I would want different about this case is something that will fix itself over time; the case is quite tight when you first get it. That’s either a plus or minus for you. While it holds your iPhone in place, it also holds it in place. What I mean is that it’s difficult to remove your iPhone, though it definitely won’t slip out. I imagine over time this will even itself out a bit, and will likely slide in an out with a bit less effort. I’m betting this is a slight side effect of the case being for both the iPhone and iPod touch. The iPod touch is significantly slimmer than its fatter, bigger brother: the iPhone. Maybe they should have made two models.

I still really like this case, it almost made me a hip case person. Almost. You definitely have to be the kind of person who’s not only okay with a hip case, but actually wants/needs one.


The U-Motion ($24.95) is the case for exercising. While I still have some reservations about taking my iPhone along on a run, this case definitely makes it possible. Notice, I said “possible.” I guess I just think the iPhone is a bit too heavy, and possibly more valuable than what I’d like to have on my person while I’m running. It’s mostly the weight issue though.

Uniea U Motion

That said, the case goes on your arm quite nicely and holds the iPhone in place. The material that protects your iPhone from moisture yet still allows you to interact with the screen is a bit interesting. It’s nice because you can tap stuff with your sweaty fingers, but at a cost. The screen appears blurry through the material, which is a bit of a bummer, though a necessary bummer. There’s no getting around that, but you won’t likely be tapping away at the screen too much. Despite this, I still like the case for its intended purpose. I don’t know a lot of people who are going to be texting or sending long emails while out for a run, so I won’t deduct any points.

Other than that, the case is tight, and protects your iPhone from moisture reasonably well. There are only two openings; the one in the back to put your iPhone in, and one on the top for a headphone cable. It’s going to be hard to adjust volume with this case, so I hope you either have volume buttons on your headphones or Sound Check enabled to keep volume consistent. Still, at this price point, I like this case.


Overall, I was impressed with Uniea’s refreshed line of iPhone cases. All are nicely designed. All of the cases felt and appeared well made, the way they should be. Not once did I get the feeling I was using a “cheap” product. I think there are enough choices to keep almost everyone happy here, and if you disagree, Uniea actually has a few more on their site. There’s a nice thin, minimal case, an exercise oriented arm band, and a hip holster. Oh yeah, there’s that Folio case too, but I’m not too fond of it. Even still, you could do a lot worse than pick any of the above cases. Great job Uniea. But hey, just in case you don’t dig Uniea we have you covered still.

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