Appletell reviews Voiis Stereo Wireless Music Gateway [updated]

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Voiis product image - smallProvides: Wireless music streaming via Bluetooth
Developer: Mobile Action
Minimum Requirements: Mac OS X v10.5 or later, iPhone 3G or 3GS running OS 3.0 or later, Bluetooth stereo headset, Bluetooth home stereo
Price: Varies, approximately $70
Availability: Now

Mobile Action creates many great technological products, and the Voiis Stereo Wireless Music Gateway is no exception. This handy device is extremely useful for those with Bluetooth home stereo systems and headsets, as the device’s main feature is Bluetooth connectivity. If you’re lacking one or both of these, I don’t recommend buying this product even though it comes with cables that enable its features without a Bluetooth receiver.

One thing I disliked up front about the Voiis unit is how difficult it can be to pair your Bluetooth device with it. Since there is no screen for visual confirmation, and your Bluetooth stereo or headset also may not have one, pairing can be a very painful process, as it was for me. It took several tries before I successfully paired the iPhone with the Voiis unit, and much longer for the stereo. The fact that there is only one button on the entire Voiis unit which controls every single one of its functions is also pretty frustrating, as setting up pairing devices requires holding this button for various amounts of time. Messing this up is very easy, which just makes the setup process more confusing and time-consuming. However, having said all of that, once everything was set up, the results were quite pleasing.

Voiis Stereo Wireless Music Gateway

The Voiis Stereo Wireless Music Gateway offers incredibly crisp audio quality, which was quite surprising for a wireless device. Seriously, it was better quality than some of my own wired media devices. Also, even when I moved the Voiis unit farther away from the stereo, the audio quality remained clear, and the range was very reasonable (up to 100 meters according to the Voiis product page). However, even if a user would happen to notice interference or diminishing audio quality when using Bluetooth with your stereo, the Voiis Stereo Wireless Music Gateway also includes the required cables for a wired, Bluetooth-free experience if wanted or needed.

The Voiis is a decent product for its price range and functionality, although I do recommended you be sure you’re completely set up to use the Bluetooth functionality (as opposed to the wired option) before buying this product. I would like to see Voiis add a display to ease Bluetooth pairing and add support for more products, particularly mobile media players. But if you’re looking for an affordable solution to wireless music streaming via Bluetooth, look no further than the Voiis Wireless Music Gateway.

[Update: After posting the review, Mobile Action sent us the following information regarding the pairing procedure.]

You don’t need to bother about counting the seconds when seting the device into pairing mode to work as a receiver or transmitter.

You see, when the blue LED in the middle flashes, the device enters pairing mode. When the orange LED stops at speaker, that means, we are waiting a bluetooth device (normally bluetooth phone or dongle) to send over music wirelessly and play through speaker. All you need is to input the key 0000 on the phone or computer that has BT dongle.

When the orange LED stops at headset side, that means we want to beam the audio (either from TV or DVD…) via bluetooth wirelessly to bluetooth headset. Don’t need to worry about pin code at all even though both Stereo & Bluetooth headset don’t have screen. In fact, our Voiis Stereo support auto pairing, it will automatically try all possible pin code and pair with your stereo headset automatically.

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  • Ishida

    I have an updated iPad2 and cannot sync with my Voiis because my iPad says it's not a supported device…

    Anyone having the same trouble ?