Apple’s Black Friday to be surprisingly bright?

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Black Friday 2009

The BoyGeniusReport received a rumor earlier this week that claims to have the details on Apple’s Black Friday plans. The rumor contains a “leaked” image that displays all the deals for the day, which include up to 30% off iPods (excluding the iPhone and iPod shuffle), up to 25% off Macs, and up to 15% off accessories. The sale would only be valid for November 27th, 2009, and as far as I can gather, only in store (not online). And before you start dismissing this as complete BS, note the liberal usages of the phrase “up to.”

Yes, at first I shouted, “Fake!“, but then I thought about it a bit more. It really wouldn’t be that unlikely for Apple to offer this much off of certain products. I seriously doubt that all Macs will be 25% off. If they are, my bank and my fiancée are both going to kill me. All it takes is one product to hit that magic percentage off, but I find it hard to believe Apple would be this misleading. Many products could be sold with percentages off close to the mark without Apple actually experiencing losses, so we’ll see.

This could be real, but I’ll be taking this with a large grain of salt substitute, you know, for a healthy amount of skepticism.

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