Free Apps roundup for November 20th, 2009

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Free Apps roundup for November 20th, 2009

It’s the week before the week that’s before Thanksgiving, so I’m sure you’re quite ready for the break from work next week. Of course, just because you aren’t at your day job doesn’t mean you don’t have more work to be done. That’s fine, this week I found a few apps to help, especially if you’re beginning to shop for the holidays. There are a few apps and games to help you find the deals and relax, possibly while waiting in line for said deals.

  • iShootTurkey – Get ready for Thanksgiving by shooting the turkey. It’s a lot like Duck Hunt, which I’m going to assume you remember, and love as much as I do. The difference is that you’ll be shooting at turkeys, and they’ll be in 3D! This looks like casual gaming at its best.
  • iFarm – It’s a virtual farming game. Patience pays off when you want to live off the land, so grab your plow and start planting. The graphics are cartoony, and you can design your farm the way you’ve always dreamed of.
  • ShopSavvy – Use your iPhone like a mobile barcode scanner. This app does pretty much everything you could want in relation to barcodes. After you scan a product, it will find the lowest prices available online or at local retailers. It will even map them out for you. Could be useful during the holiday shopping season.
  • TGI Black Friday – Scanning barcodes is great, but this app prepares you for the biggest national holiday we have this time of year, Black Friday. You can browse leaked ads, search for specific deals and compile a list of items you need. Just try not to get trampled, okay?
  • Secret Browser – This little app allows you to browse the web without leaving a history trail on your device. And I know what immediately pops into your mind… this app would be perfect for finding presents to buy all of your closest friends and family. Because you know, they’re always using your iPhone and checking your browser history and searched-for items. There’s definitely not a better use of this app. Definitely not.
  • Pocket Voice Lite – It seems that a musical instrument somehow sneaks its way on to this list nearly every week. This week is no exception, and this one is as good or as bad as you want it to be. It’s basically a keyboard that plays a sound that you record at varying pitches. It comes with a number of predefined sounds, and a few tunes that it will play. It could be fun to record a ridiculous noise and have it play Fur Elise, or you could actually try to use this for inspiration. The choice is yours.
  • IDW Comics – For comic lovers everywhere, here’s a great app that let’s you view IDW comics on your iPhone. Yes, they have all the classics like, Transformers, GI Joe, Star Trek, CSI, even Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Music Box! I know, you just can’t restrain yourself. This app isn’t completely free, as it relies on in app purchases, but it does come with 10 free comics, so try it out.
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