Find deals with Black Friday Wish app for iPhone, iPod touch

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Black Friday Wish

Now, when you’re preparing for your Black Friday shopping adventure, you’re regularly checking the Appletell, Gadgetell and Gamertell Black Friday deals coverage, right? Of course you are, because you’re intelligent and dynamic. But when you’re at ground zero come Friday, you may also want the added help of the Black Friday Wish app from Smart Apps Solutions.

Working only with deals that are checked and verified by a human staff (which means no robot-biased suggestions, thank goodness) Black Friday Wish receives a consistent feed of sale information and locations. No more bouncing from store to store in search of the best deal, you’ll be able to more strategically target stores such as…Target.

The Black Friday Wish app allows you to perform product searches to find specific items. You can also create wish lists that will automatically feed you price and location information when your wish list items receive new deals. Perhaps even more helpful is the ability to share lists. Create your list once and send it to multiple friends and family members so you don’t have to create multiple lists.

Black Friday Wish App

Stores currently available with Black Friday Wish include Target, Best Buy, JCPenny, Macy’s and more. Major players such as Sears, Toys ‘r’ Us and Bath & Body Works are coming soon.

Black Friday Wish requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later or iPod Touch 2 and a WiFi or 3G/Edge connection for downloading the deals. It’s available now in the iTunes App Store for $0.99.

Product [Black Friday Wish 1.0]

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