Black Friday 2009: More deals on Apple hardware

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Best Buy Apple Black Friday Sale

If Apple’s rumored Black Friday sale isn’t quite good enough for you, know this; there are other options. Best Buy will be having a Black Friday Apple sale of their own, if the image above is to be believed, and in some cases it will beat the Apple sale. But that’s not all; is currently running a very impressive sale on MacBook Pros.

As you can see from the image above (courtesy of AppleNewsWeekly, in case you hadn’t noticed), Best Buy’s ad for Black Friday has listed sales of $100 of of iMacs and $100-$200 off of MacBook Pros. This could be a good option if you’re not close to an Apple Store, don’t like buying things online for some odd reason, or are going to be at Best Buy anyway.

Perhaps more interesting, or dealtastic, than Best Buy’s ad is the sale at MacMall. It’s similar to Best Buy’s, but it’s already on! MacBook Pros are being offered at discounts of $100-$220 off of list price. Check it out at MacMall.

I feel as though I say this every chance I get, but now is the best time to buy a MacBook Pro. I imagine I’ll be saying that again in a few months, though, when they refresh them with a similar design and bumped up specs. But seriously, if you’re thinking of upgrading—or joining the few, the proud, the Mac geeks—now is as good a time as any, if not better.

[Update: Add PowerMax to the mix. They’re calling it “White Hannustmasgiving Friday,” but the deals are familiar. Head on over for savings of up to nearly $200 on the latest Apple hardware, with free shipping and no tax, too.]

Via AppleNewsWeekly

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