Appletell reviews two iPhone/iPod power solutions from DLO

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DLO Product Review

Digital Lifestyle Outfitters (DLO) is a company that creates a slew of iPhone and iPod related products, from speakers and docks to cases and power (batteries, cable, etc). Taking a quick glance through their product page, you’ll find that most of them are functional with an elegant, Apple-esque design. The WallDock and JumpStart are is no exceptions.

DLO WallDock

Provides: iPhone wall charging dock
Developer: Digital Lifestyle Outfitters
Minimum Requirements: iPhone or iPod
Price: $24.99
Availability: Now

The WallDock is a little product that simply plugs into your wall and waits to receive an iPod or iPhone to charge. Then, that’s exactly what it does.

Being so small, I did find that initially placing the dock on the wall followed by the iPhone can sometimes take more struggle than you would think. The top part of the dock by the connector sort of squishes up and down to keep your iDevice stable once it is plugged in. I found that once you do get the iPhone or iPod connected, the WallDock keeps it firmly in place against the wall even when using it.

However, seeing as how the wall is the top support for the iPhone, you can only use vertical outlets with a few inches of space above them. Also, since most outlets in your house may be at about shin level, I would make sure you have an outlet in mind for this device before laying down the $24.99.

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DLO WallDock Review

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DLO JumpStart

Provides: External battery power for iPhone
Developer: Digital Lifestyle Outfitters
Minimum Requirements: iPhone or iPod
Price: $59.99
Availability: Now

The DLO JumpStart external battery is also a way of getting power to your iPhone when it’s needed. However, instead of being strictly for home outlets like the WallDock, this product is for when you’re in need of more energy while on the go. Like you would think, it simply plugs into the pin connector on the bottom of the iPhone to provide the charge. However, unlike similar products, this one isn’t really designed to be a case battery. Instead, it uses suction cups to stick to the back of the iPhone and covers the better part of the back of the device. Also, the plug cable on the bottom of the JumpStart extends about an inch or so below the device when in use.

To charge the external battery itself, you use the USB cable (about one and a half feet long) that comes with it to plug into your computer. The other end (which is like a mini USB plug on some phones) plugs into the top part of the battery, displaying a red indicator light while charging and blue light when full. I found that it charges when the USB cable is plugged into the adapter that comes with iPhones, which is sort of nice. Other than that, you’ll need a computer to fill the battery. When in use, a button on the back of the battery will turn on the indicator and let you know if there is still some energy in it.

In terms of design, I see this device as being sort of a nice emergency battery to have rather than an everyday battery source. While it isn’t extremely heavy, it does add heft to the iPhone, and doesn’t sit flush with the iPhone’s design. However, it would be perfect to keep in the car in case you’re running low on internal battery power while you’re on the go. At $59.99, it is certainly less than products such as the Mophie juice pack, but it isn’t as slick as those products, either.

When it comes to length of the battery life, the site promises the JumpStart will double the battery life. In my use with it, I found that it will provide a charge for about a little more than two hours. It’s debatable whether this is double the life of the iPhone battery (we all know how short that is), but I was expecting the charge to be a little longer. Either way, though, it provided enough to serve its purpose and keep my phone on until I was able to get near a power source.

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DLO JumpStart Review

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