Alex Albrect “Shocked” at Apple tablet price point

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Fake Apple Tablet designIf you’re a watcher of Diggnation, then you already know that Alex Albrecht was “shocked” to hear how low the price of the long rumored Apple tablet will be. Diggnation doesn’t have a spotless record as far as Apple rumors go, but they have occasionally been right in the past.

Here’s the episode, if you care to watch.

Alex Albrecht hasn’t really spilled the beans on anything Apple in the past. Actually, Kevin Rose would probably be a lot more trustworthy for this sort of thing, considering he actually uses an Apple computer on a daily basis. He has successfully leaked Apple info, but has been wrong enough for us to have to question his rumors. Sadly, since Alex doesn’t really even have a record for such leaks like this, it’s hard to say if he’s BSing us. I’d lean towards the latter, considering that Apple products are rarely cheap.

Even if Alex is just having fun with all of us, what price point for Apple’s tablet would cause you to be shocked? Under a thousand? I really think this all depends on its capabilities. If it’s essentially a big iPod touch, I’d be shocked if it ended up starting under $400. If it’s more like a MacBook touch, I’d be shocked at under $1,000. But that’s just me.

Also, this week’s episode of Diggnation has a special guest: John Hodgman of Apple’s “Get a Mac” commercial. So you might want to watch that episode for fun instead of just a tiny little rumor.

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