Mark The Spot iPhone app helps to acknowledge AT&T’s network fail

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AT&T Mark The SpotA new application from AT&T titled “Mark The Spot” allows iPhone users to point out areas where the AT&T network may be lacking. Assuming you’re able to get an Internet connection (as the very existence of this app may lead you to doubt), you can personalize and send feedback straight to AT&T quickly and easily. With the ability to point out dropped calls, failed calls, no coverage, data failure, and poor voice quality as well as the frequency at which they happen, this app will use the built in GPS to send the location of the failure to AT&T. Then, assuming they created this app to actually make use of the feedback and not just make us feel better about ourselves, the coverage in that area could actually hopefully improve someday.

While it is somewhat sad that it had to come to the point where AT&T made an application for it, I see this as a good thing. I’m assuming AT&T will take all of this data (and I’m sure there will be plenty of it) to decide which areas of the States to devote the most time to bettering. Even if it doesn’t come to some areas, any improvement at all would be better than none, and this application is the perfect tool for helping doing so.

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