UStream Live Broadcaster brings live video streaming to iPhone, even over 3G

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It appears as if UStream has won the race over Qik to bring live streaming from the iPhone to the web. With the appearance of their latest application—UStream Live Broadcaster (free)—in the App Store, members of the UStream community will now be able to share, via the web, what they are doing while on the go. Much like the actual website, you have the opportunity to save your videos and mute the audio during and after the livestream. Furthermore, you can even post to Twitter right from the application to let your followers know you’re live streaming.

Just to make sure it worked, I fired up a quick stream and was impressed with the results.

You’ve got to be happy Apple has finally allowed an application like this into the App Store. While I’m sure AT&T is freaking out even more now about their network, it’s just another reason they should actually take the time and effort to improve it. Applications like this are only going to get more and more popular, and AT&T needs to be ready if they want to keep on being competitive with networks such as Verizon.

We recommend you hurry and download this application before Apple and AT&T realize it is there and take it down…as history has shown they very well could!

Product [UStream Live Broadcaster (free)]

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