Google lost to Apple in purchase of Lala

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More news of Apple’s acquisition of Lala has surfaced. Apparently, Google was also in the battle to get ahold of the music streaming service and the people behind the company in order to use it with their music search technologies. However, it’s quite obvious now that Apple came ahead in this battle simply by bidding higher than Google was willing to pay.

While we can only speculate as to what Apple is going to do with Lala, we can pretty safely say it will have something to do with iTunes. We can also say Google probably had plans to integrate this into Chrome OS, as well as their music search, in order to move more our lives on to the cloud in a major way. They’ve already got docs, one huge aspect of what we do on our computers, online, so why not include streaming our favorite music and eliminate the need to have it on our hard drive? The fact that Apple won shows the evermore increasing competition between these two companies, and I can’t wait to see how Apple integrates the Lala technology.

Via [Mashable]

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