What to do with that iTunes gift card you got for Christmas: $25 Edition

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$25 iTunes Gift CardSo, someone got you an iTunes gift card for Christmas. While in many cases getting a gift card is a blow off, this one is an opportunity. It can be anything you want, but if you happen to be in need of some quick suggestions, try out these. Each can be done with a $25 gift card, and yes, that accounts for the taxes the system will also take off of your balance.

  1. Get the 4 Film Favorites iTunes bundle. The films included are No Reservations, Music & Lyrics, Two Weeks Notice and Bed of Roses. It costs $19.99. Then, you can have a night in with your significant other. A great and romantic way to show your appreciation for the person who got you the card. You may want also want to get some popcorn from the kitchen.
  2. Download Season 3 of the Tudors for roughly $16 plus tax, then get yourself the Henry the 8th London Mini Guide (99 cents) and enjoy four songs from music for Tudor Kings: Henry VII & VIII. A great way to immerse yourself not only in fiction, but the history behind it.
  3. Get your Sci-fi fix on with the Avatar game for iPhone and iPod touch (which will run you $9.99) and the film’s soundtrack (also $9.99). It’s a great way to get ready to watch the film (if you haven’t already) or to tide yourself over until it is out to buy.

Of course, the possibilities are endless. Mix and match to your heart’s content.

Also see our $50 edition.

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  • George

    my fiance got me a itunes card for christmas too lol