What to do with that iTunes gift card you got for Christmas: $50 Edition

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$50 iTunes Gift CardWow, someone must really like you. After you are done thanking them for the $50 iTunes Gift Card, we can talk about some of your options for using your new-found wealth. Here are a few packages you may want to consider.

Package 1: Shoot Everything in Sight

Grab your iPhone and get to downloading the following first person shooters:

Then give your tapping finger a rest by renting The Chronicles of Riddick ($2.99), Underworld Evolution ($2.99) and Van Helsing ($2.99).

After tax, you will even have some cash left for songs.

Package 2: Relax and Unwind

The holidays are stressful. Wind down with:

After all of that, you should still have about 15 dollars left to spend on a movie or album that makes you happy.

Package 3: Indulge Your Inner Trash Film Junkie

The iTunes Store movie bundles make it even easier to have a digital film collection. For $50, you could get:

Granted, they won’t make you think, but sometimes you just need a laugh.

Also see our $25 edition.

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  • chuck_testa

    This is the best idea on how to use your iTunes gift cards.

    NOPE, it's not. It's the worst way. Period.