“Welcome to Macintosh” and “MacHEADS” to be shown on CNBC January 4th-5th

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MacHEADS posterTwo Apple-inspired documentaries, Welcome to Macintosh and MacHEADS, are scheduled to be shown during the first week of the new year on CNBC. Save the date and set your DVRs to stun record, you won’t want to miss either.

Welcome to Macintosh is a great documentary about the technology and products that have come from Apple over the years. Sure, we all know Apple changed the game in 1984 with the introduction of the Macintosh, but not all of us know the whole story. And that’s fine, because Welcome to Macintosh would love to show you. And even if you do know everything, the nostalgia is enough to keep it very interesting.

MacHEADS takes a very different look at the Apple community. This doc is all about the Apple fanboys we love and the rest of the tech community loves to hate. We’re a strange bunch, and this documentary doesn’t try to hide it.

Welcome to Macintosh is scheduled to premiere on Monday, January 4th at 9:30PM ET, and MacHEADS is scheduled to premiere on Tuesday, January 5th at 10:00PM ET. Check both of these out, I’m sure you’ll enjoy them. I know I did.

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  • Nicholas Montgomery

    Any chance this will be available online?