Free Apps roundup for January 1st, 2010

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Free Apps roundup for January 1st, 2010Now that it’s a brand new decade and everything, it’s time for some new free apps, right? I thought so. I have some fun apps, some games, a dieting app, and even a new LEGO app. What else could you want? Yeah, I don’t know either.

  • LEGO Photo – LEGOs make everything better, right? Probably not, but the kid inside of me thinks they do, so why not LEGOfy your pictures? It’s novel, if nothing else.
  • PhotoCalorie – It’s the first of the year, and chances are you’re getting the feeling you’re fat. Why? Because, January 1st is the international day for feeling fat. And as luck would have it, it’s also the international day of false motivation. So let’s go through the motions one more time by taking pictures of the food you eat and then typing a description. This is uploaded to the server and paired with the most likely caloric content. So basically it’s a semi-automatic food journal, and it’s one of the best dieting tools you have at your disposal.
  • 10X Camera Tools – Free for a limited time, this app gives you a whole bunch of camera improvements. It has full screen display, digital zoom, timer, guides, custom image sizing, continuous shooting and sharing. This app has a lot of features, so it’s probably something you’ll want to grab before they start charging.
  • Camera 3D Pro – Avatar just came out, so everyone is excited about 3D again. This app makes it pretty simple to take 3D images with just your iPhone. Sounds like fun.
  • Noodles & Company – Want noodles without the hassle of standing in line and talking to another human? Noodles and Co. has you covered. This app allows you to order for yourself or even a big group. Now, if only they delivered too…
  • Peg Solitaire – A short, but free, peg solitaire game. It has eleven levels, so it probably won’t keep you occupied all weekend, but that’s okay too.
  • Decks Free Edition – So you want to be a DJ? This app gives you 7 tracks to mix to your heart’s content. Just drag one of the tracks to one of the decks and you’re ready to go. The full app has 28 tracks, and I’m sure they’ll eventually add more.
  • My BIC lighter – While you can’t light a cig with it, that might just be it’s best feature. It’s apparently the most realistic lighter simulator on the App Store. It makes all the standard BIC lighter noises and even reacts to sound. Oooooooooo. Or maybe you want to use this at a concert, in which case you should download the BIC Concert Lighter instead.
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