How to use Home Share on iTunes

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Home Share

If the idea of setting up your networked Macs to share your iTunes libraries is just too much to bear, then these steps can help you to get sharing.

Home sharing, for those of you who are not yet familiar with the term, is the ability to share iTunes items (songs, TV shows, movies, etc.) between multiple Macs. That means if your sibling downloads a show on her computer that you want to see on yours, you can view it from her iTunes library. No need to watch it on her computer or move the files with an external drive.

Once you set up home share, you can share all of your iTunes media with no fuss.

  1. Select “Turn On Home Sharing” from the Advanced menu.
  2. Sign into the screen that comes up.
  3. Click on the “Create Home Share” button and then, “Yes.”
  4. Click on “OK.”
  5. Click on “Done.”
  6. Repeat this on the second machine with which you’ll be sharing.
  7. Click the right-facing arrow next to the computer to expand the Library.
  8. Choose your media and drop it into your library.
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  • Patt

    Does Home Share work between PC & MAC??? It has not so far. I opened the Home Share on my PC and uploaded a music cd. The new CD shows in the PC Library.

    I then opened the Home Share account on my MAC but nothing happened. Itunes is open on both computers and Home Share has been activated but no luck.
    What else do I ????

    Appreciate your help.

  • Jorgie

    I can open Home Share on itunes, and i can get the others persons playlist, but it will not let me bring those songs into my playlists…. Can anyone help?

  • Dr.T

    I have the same iTunes version running on two different Win XP machines. Both are authorized with Apple, both have libraries.

    One includes the "Shared" item in the left side of iTunes below Playlists, etc.

    The other iTunes does not show the "Shared" item, although the content is shared with the first machine that DOES show the shared item Both allow sharing of everything, with no password.

    I cannot find a place to turn on the "Shared" item, or a function key to do it, it's just missing on one of the two iTunes installs, both the latest version 10.xx