App Store downloads top 3 billion, will they slow anytime soon?

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A selection of apps available on the App Store

Just over three months ago, Apple announced their App Store had reached two billion downloads of various applications created by third party developers. This month, Apple stated the App Store has now topped a staggering three billion downloads. This not only means that a billion applications were downloaded in a span of three months, but also that over three billion apps have been downloaded in just over 18 months. I’d certainly call that a successful year and a half for the App Store.

Numbers such as this indicate that millions of the around 100,000 available applications are being downloaded each day from iPhone and iPod touch users. Furthermore, with rumors of an Apple tablet device on the horizon, I only expect this number to increase more quickly as additional devices take advantage of the work done in the App Store by third party developers.

The App Store has certainly set a trend among the mobile device market that I don’t see going away for a while.

Via [AppleInsider]

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