CES 2010: You can’t break Monster’s Jamz in-ear speakers

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Monster Jamz

Today, Monster announced a slew of new headphones. Among them are their low end (for Monster anyway) earphones called the Jamz. These guys are basically indestructible. And just to prove it, they ran them over with a forklift, along with some standard white earbuds (perhaps Apple). Take a look.

Okay, that’s pretty cool for the Jamz, kinda predictable for the regular earbuds. I’m still not planning on trying to destroy these, but it’s good to know it’s very difficult to crush them. I imagine they wouldn’t fair so well against a nice pair of scissors.

The MSRP on these is $119 for the standard set and $149 for ones with Control Talk (iPhone control and mic). It will be interesting to hear these, as I don’t think Monster would put their name on anything that’s less than stellar.

Monster Lil Jamz

In addition, Monster announced the Lil Jamz, which are tiny, and slightly cheaper. They come in at $99 and $119 for the Control Talk version.

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