iTunes Preview now allows browser based music sample streaming

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iTunes Preview Screenshot

iTunes Preview, the website launched by Apple back in November, was a great addition to the iTunes Store. This browser based application opens when a potential customer clicks an iTunes link in their browser but doesn’t have iTunes installed. Users can see the information, and are given the opportunity to install iTunes.

Well, iTunes Preview now thankfully allows those people to actually listen to the music samples from the browser itself instead of needing to go into or install iTunes. To me, this makes the site 100% more useful, and could even increase the amount of sales.

That said, users must still go into iTunes to actually purchase music. The way Apple has set that up, though, makes that process pretty quick and painless. It’s good to see Apple making steps towards improving the way users get to their content, especially through web links. This will help make accessing what iTunes has to offer much easier. Furthermore, it may even be the foot in the door towards a cloud based iTunes sometime in the future.

Or maybe I’m just being hopeful.

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