Free apps roundup for January 8th, 2010

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Ultimate Hangman Splash-screenIf you’re an avid reader of Appletell’s Free Apps roundup, you may have noticed a slight difference this week. Unfortunately, Jake is unable to write the roundup this week as he’s stuck in Las Vegas, having a great time at CES 2010. There are still plenty of free apps, however. With new titles to help you grab a deal at the stores, to pass the time over a lunch break and to also introduce the younger children in your life to the wonders of our Solar System. Intrigued? Of course you are, so let’s begin.

  • Ultimate Hangman – If you can’t remember the last time you played hangman, something should really change. Think about it—it improves your vocabulary and spelling while also passing the time. If you download Ultimate Hangman, you can choose from 18 different word categories from many different themes. Ultimate Hangman seems to be the best way to relive the childhood classic, and since it’s free, there’s nothing to lose.
  • Go Get It Cheaper – Everyone likes a good deal, and I’ve often stood in a shop while checking what prices other stores are offering before making a purchase. If you keep an eye out for a bargain, and would also like to support your more local retailers, Go Get It Cheaper might be for you. Enter in your city or zip code and what you’re looking for, and the application will return back the results around you. It’ll take them a few months to have full coverage of the US, but many cities are already covered.
  • 8 Planets – At some point or another, we all had to learn about what we share our Solar System with. If there’s someone that comes to mind who is at that stage of education, or if you’ve just tried to recall each name and found you’ve forgotten a couple, download 8 Planets. You can delete it before your friends find it, or let a younger relative or friend have a go. If you wanted to try your hand at spelling the names, you’ll need to pay for an upgrade, but that’s for a different article.
  • MyMedia – Using the MyMedia iPhone app, you can download media of all kinds straight to your iPhone. You’re free to download from multiple sources, and at present, all media types that are able to run on an iPhone are also supported by MyMedia. It’s also possible to download .zip files and their contents will be shown as normal, right on your iPhone.
  • Rhythm Racer – Now here’s a seemingly creative game. If you’re ever asked the question, “What do you get if you cross a space racer with Rock Band?” the answer should now be Rhythm Racer. If that wasn’t obvious enough, this game takes another space-racing title and adds a little music interaction. You need to keep hitting the “power spheres” and successfully navigating the track to keep the music playing. If the music ends, the race ends. Simple.
  • Fast Contacts – This application aims to make your contacts just a little bit more fun by including extra features such as the ability to search through using cover flow, as you would with your music. It also makes it easier to group contacts and search for contacts in particular areas. It still syncs back to MobileMe, and will ensure you won’t be missing anyones birthday anytime soon. It’s only free for this week, though, so grab it soon.
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  • Sean

    All music lovers check out Riff Raters in the iphone app store

  • Christopher

    I'm the developer of readR 2 free, a tab-based browser with instant switch color thumbnail tabs. Features: visual bookmarks, English text-to-speech, text extraction, find-in-page, screen capture, font size boost, Webify page, built-in help, all wrapped in a friendly UI. Pretty sweet for free! iTunes link: