How to add lyrics to your songs in iTunes with Get Lyrical

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Every time I’ve shared a song with a friend from my iPhone, it has always been followed by the same comment. “How did you get the lyrics to show on the screen?” Easy.

The key to adding lyrics to your songs easily is a program for Mac called Get Lyrical. While there are a number of other tools available for this purpose, I’ve found Get Lyrical to be, by far, the easiest tool available. It’s also free, which certainly doesn’t hurt.

The hardest part about all of this is getting the software installed, which is a good sign. You can find Get Lyrical After you’re done mounting and dragging this to the applications folder, go ahead and launch the app.

Now just select the song(s) you to which want to add lyrics. You can select all songs in iTunes by clicking in Music and hitting [Command]+[A]. Alternatively, you can pick multiple songs by holding [Command] or by clicking on the first song in a series and then the last while holding down [Shift]. But you knew all these selection shortcuts right? Thought so.

Get Lyrical WindowOkay, now hit the Current Selection button in Get Lyrical. It will go to and attempt to find all of your songs. It won’t always get the songs, but it’s reliable enough that I’m comfortable recommending it to everyone. Get Lyrical likes to drop its name at the end of all of your lyrics, but hey, it’s free, so that’s cool with me.

When I first found this app, I used it to find lyrics for all of my songs. This took quite a while for me, so I just ran it overnight. I’d recommend you do the same. Then, just once a month or so, use the “Recently Added” playlist that iTunes has by default to add lyrics to all of your new music. This way, you’ll always be on top of things.

iTunes lyrics display

I just love how easy this program makes adding lyrics. My songs just don’t feel complete without cover art and lyrics anymore, thanks in part to Get Lyrical. And unless Apple incorporates something similar into iTunes (doubtful), it doesn’t get much easier.

Download [Get Lyrical]

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