Apple tablet: one fan’s concept drawings

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Apple tablet concept drawing - desktop

Some people aren’t too bothered for next week’s Apple event. Some are obsessively reading each and every rumor, unable to sleep in anticipation of what might emerge from the keynote. Others, however, put their opinions onto paper. Or rather, Photoshop.

Take a look at these concept drawings suggested to us by Cosmo Scharf. There are a couple of interesting ideas included in them. I particularly like the menu on the left-hand side, which I imagine would scroll up and down, or possibly serve as a dock. I also like the widget-based desktop style. Chilli X showed a similar solution, featuring several of their iPhone applications on the tablet desktop, giving users more power.

Focusing on the hardware for a moment, I’m not convinced by the iMac-style finish where the glass surface goes to the edge. I imagine the tablet will be a device that will be highly portable; designed to go anywhere and everywhere, taken in and out of a bag multiple times per day. I would personally like a little more protection for the screen, because if I dropped it, a crack would propagate and cause significant damage to the screen. An iPhone-type finish may be more appropriate for such a device.

Apple tablet concept drawing - instant messaging

This second image shows a possible solution for all your instant messaging and social networking needs. I’m sure the Apple tablet will be great for keeping in touch with people on the move, moreso than the iPhone is. I can’t see the use for the central drawing/mouse-pad; with the entire screen being touch-sensitive, surely drawing could happen anywhere on screen where needed. Also, the idea of splitting the keyboard doesn’t feel intuitive. It would constantly draw randomly rather than hitting the right key. But hey, it’s an idea.

It’s certainly a valiant attempt to give some ideas on the tablet’s potential uses and designs. A week from today though, we should finally have confirmation of the tablet device, and we’ll keep you updated right here.

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