Live blog of Apple’s January 27th media event

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at 7:36 Kirk Hiner said:
Thank you for joining us, everyone. And be sure to check back for further details, official releases, and plenty of images.
at 7:35 Bill Stiteler said:
And that's the shootin' match
at 7:35 Jake Gaecke said:
Looks like that's it, I'm out
at 7:35 Adam Fisher-Cox said:
IPS is what is used in the MacBook Pros and LED Cinema, iMacs too probably.
at 7:34 Bill Stiteler said:
Down the quad from Fraternity Row.
at 7:34 Jake Gaecke said:
IPS - In Plane Switching, apparently it has better off angle viewing.
at 7:34 Bill Stiteler said:
Apple wants to be "at the intersection of technology and liberal arts."
at 7:34 Kirk Hiner said:
If I could take one to Macworld with me, I would.
at 7:33 Bill Stiteler said:
Steve's pimping the number of customers they have and their familiarity with the iPhone OS
at 7:30 Bill Stiteler said:
I think this is going to be a great tool for travellers.
at 7:29 Bill Stiteler said:
Wonder what this will do to the Macbook Air.
at 7:26 Jake Gaecke said:
I'm a bit surprised it doesn't have an iSight, I can understand not having a camera
at 7:26 Bill Stiteler said:
Commercial/video for the iPad.
at 7:24 Bill Stiteler said:
No camera.
at 7:23 Adam Fisher-Cox said:
Can the dock only hold 4 apps despite being like 3 times as big?
at 7:23 Bill Stiteler said:
Unfortunately, the keyboard dock looks like the new Apple keyboard. Which means it's really tiny.
at 7:22 Kirk Hiner said:
Okay, I'm preordering.
at 7:22 Jake Gaecke said:
Keyboard dock, does that mean no bluetooth support, seriously? Come on
at 7:21 Bill Stiteler said:
at 7:21 Kirk Hiner said:
A stand and a keyboard for desktop use, Steve? Give it to me.
at 7:21 Bill Stiteler said:
Steve: Accessories: let me show you.
at 7:21 Jake Gaecke said:
90 days for 3G, that's mean
at 7:20 Adam Fisher-Cox said:
This is also where the iPhone started... Will we see $99 iPads in 3 years?
at 7:20 Bill Stiteler said:
Shipping in 60 days.
at 7:20 Kirk Hiner said:
All models are cheaper than what I thought would be lowest. Nicely done.
at 7:20 Jake Gaecke said:
3G = $130 extra, bummer
at 7:20 Bill Stiteler said:
$130 more for 3G
at 7:19 Jake Gaecke said:
$499 for 16GB, $599 for 32GB and $699 for 64GB not bad
at 7:19 Kirk Hiner said:
To start, anyway.
at 7:19 Kirk Hiner said:
at 7:19 Bill Stiteler said:
Sorry, $499
at 7:19 Adam Fisher-Cox said:
Very nice.
at 7:19 Bill Stiteler said:
Price: $449~!
at 7:19 Adam Fisher-Cox said:
Less than $1000... apparently "agressively" less.
at 7:19 Jake Gaecke said:
at 7:19 Kirk Hiner said:
It won't cost $1,000 apparently.
at 7:18 Kirk Hiner said:
Well, they can't say ALL. Too many to test.
at 7:18 Bill Stiteler said:
Do we get a "one more thing?"
at 7:17 Jake Gaecke said:
Runs almost all apps on the app store, almost
at 7:17 Kirk Hiner said:
International deals by June/July, meaning U.S. are available...when?
at 7:16 Jake Gaecke said:
So much for that Verizon business... GSM with microSIMs
at 7:16 Bill Stiteler said:
$29.99 for unlimited data. Though AT&T and Unlimited data are mutually exclusive terms.
at 7:15 Bill Stiteler said:
What the heck? Is this thing running through a Nexus-1?
at 7:15 Adam Fisher-Cox said:
Oh, but it's AT&T. So your 3G service may not work everywhere. Or anywhere.
at 7:15 Jake Gaecke said:
at 7:15 Jake Gaecke said:
Through who?
at 7:14 Bill Stiteler said:
Oh, shit... AT&T.
at 7:14 Kirk Hiner said:
This will be a great device for taking to sporting events now. Watch live, get stats on the iPad...for a price.
at 7:14 Bill Stiteler said:
$14.99 for 250MB/month
at 7:13 Bill Stiteler said:
Data plans!
at 7:13 Adam Fisher-Cox said:
Aha. 3G it is. On certain models.
at 7:13 Kirk Hiner said:
And 3G. There was much rejoicing.
at 7:13 Jake Gaecke said:
Oh sweet, the iPad does support video out.
at 7:13 Kirk Hiner said:
Ah, there it is. Syncs via USB.
at 7:12 Kirk Hiner said:
Poor Phil. Always gets stuck talking about iWork.
at 7:12 Jake Gaecke said:
I think they should have a bundle option with the desktop version.
at 7:12 Kirk Hiner said:
Good that you don't have to buy them as a bundle, as on the Mac.
at 7:12 Bill Stiteler said:
Next up, Final Cut Studio. Oh, wait...
at 7:11 Kirk Hiner said:
$10 each for the iWork apps.
at 7:11 Bill Stiteler said:
$9.99 each.
at 7:10 Kirk Hiner said:
yes, that's the benefit of a virtual keyboard. My account wife will love that.
at 7:10 Jake Gaecke said:
New keyboard layouts for specific data entry, I like.
at 7:10 Bill Stiteler said:
Typing on this thing is going to be a pain in the ass. Either your head is hunched over your wrists are crunched up.
at 7:09 Bill Stiteler said:
Okay, I admit, Pages looks pretty slick. Next up, Numbers.
at 7:06 Kirk Hiner said:
I wonder if syncing docs between iWork for iPad and iWork for Mac will be WiFi or if you have to use the doc connector.
at 7:06 Bill Stiteler said:
Exclusive: IE 5 will not, repeat NOT be coming to iPad!
at 7:05 Bill Stiteler said:
Next up, Pages.
at 7:05 Bill Stiteler said:
We're over an hour...
at 7:04 Jake Gaecke said:
I'm loving the contextual menus. Very nice!
at 7:04 Adam Fisher-Cox said:
Filesystem access looks like a no, given the "My Presentations" button.
at 7:04 Kirk Hiner said:
Oh, it will. It will.
at 7:04 Bill Stiteler said:
Phil's showing how you can alter slides, make new presentations, etc by tapping the screen.
at 7:03 Jake Gaecke said:
Hold your horses Kirk, they didn't say that it works with a real keyboard yet
at 7:03 Kirk Hiner said:
This is why Bluetooth is improtant. Pages may actually be functional with a Bluetooth keyboard supported. Goodbye, MacBook!
at 7:01 Adam Fisher-Cox said:
I'm curious as to why Apple is going with this orangey-wood look for a lot of the iPad apps. I don't know if I like it or not, but it just seems like an odd decision as a default color scheme.
at 7:01 Bill Stiteler said:
New version of Keynote, Pages, and Numbers
at 7:00 Kirk Hiner said:
You think iWork sucks, Bill?
at 7:00 Bill Stiteler said:
Phil "Thriller" Schiller is in the house, ladies and gents!
at 7:00 Bill Stiteler said:
at 6:59 Jake Gaecke said:
iWork, does that imply that we can finally access a file system, meaning file storage? Please, say yes!
at 6:59 Bill Stiteler said:
Does this mean iWork doesn't suck any more?
at 6:59 Kirk Hiner said:
yeah, iBooks is ePub, so I'm guessing any ePub book will work like any MP3 works in iTunes.
at 6:59 Bill Stiteler said:
iBook uses the ePub format.
at 6:58 Jake Gaecke said:
You can change the font, they better have options for this for Authors, I don't want any of my stuff read in comic sans. Let's just keep it to Helvetica, thanks.
at 6:58 Bill Stiteler said:
Oh hey, iWork
at 6:58 Adam Fisher-Cox said:
You can change the font of your iBooks. Who wants to read a book in Verdana?
at 6:57 Bill Stiteler said:
Lots of publishers signed on. Tap or drag to turn a page.
at 6:57 Jake Gaecke said:
Doesn't bother me, I don't really want to pay monthly for more Apple gear, the iPhone costs enough
at 6:57 Kirk Hiner said:
EXCLUSIVE: Kids everyone will use the iBooks rating system to complain about the price.
at 6:57 Bill Stiteler said:
Still no word on anything other than WiFi connectivity.
at 6:56 Bill Stiteler said:
Steve: "And we're *not* going to sell it to you, because certain people blabbed last night."
at 6:55 Jake Gaecke said:
Notice that McGraw Hill isn't on the slide, that'll teach em for squaking
at 6:55 Kirk Hiner said:
I think that IS Delicious Library 2.
at 6:55 Jake Gaecke said:
Looks like iTunes for books
at 6:54 Bill Stiteler said:
Bookshelf reminds me of Delicious LIbrary 2
at 6:54 Adam Fisher-Cox said:
"iBooks" looks a bit like "Classics." Just a bit.
at 6:54 Jake Gaecke said:
iBooks, way to reuse an old name
at 6:54 Bill Stiteler said:
Steve gives a shout-out to Kindle, then says he's going further with "iBooks."
at 6:53 Bill Stiteler said:
So this allows you to watch actual games, with enhanced reality overlays. Will they black out games taht aren't sold out?
at 6:53 Adam Fisher-Cox said:
The MLB app seems to me to really embody what this device is. Sitting down, watching the game on TV, with your iPad for all this cool modeling and statistics fun. It's a "life peripheral" to coin a phrase.
at 6:52 Kirk Hiner said:
Baseball. Can I make a steroid joke here now?
at 6:52 Bill Stiteler said:
"And watch in horror as it slips from your grasp."
at 6:51 Kirk Hiner said:
Some games require a lot of buttons, though, Adam. Not much room to reach of you have reach past a big border.
at 6:51 Bill Stiteler said:
"To swing the bat, simply swing the iPad as hard as you can."
at 6:50 Adam Fisher-Cox said:
On the contrary, I find it kind of cramped on my iPod, I'd like a bit of a border so my thumbs have room.
at 6:50 Kirk Hiner said:
Won't be long before someone create a Mario Kart style wheel to put the iPod in, I suspect.
at 6:50 Jake Gaecke said:
Honestly, the EA game, Need for Speed Shift, doesn't even look that good.
at 6:50 Bill Stiteler said:
I think I am the only person who doesn't care about a) driving games b)sports games.
at 6:49 Jake Gaecke said:
Every time I see any new game, I keep thinking how badly iDevices need controllers
at 6:49 Kirk Hiner said:
Gaming will be awkward if you have to reach your thumbs around that wide border...
at 6:48 Jake Gaecke said:
Adam, no BSOD though
at 6:48 Adam Fisher-Cox said:
I don't understand why they didn't just run Windows 7 on the iPad... it's got multi-touch AND a Paint app.
at 6:48 Bill Stiteler said:
Oh good, ANOTHER driving game.
at 6:47 Kirk Hiner said:
EA. I hope they brought Tiger Woods. He needs the work.
at 6:47 Bill Stiteler said:
EA is up to demonstrate their shoddy, license-based software. Give it up for EA, everyone.
at 6:47 Bill Stiteler said:
MacPaint, ladies and gentelmen, for the 21st century.
at 6:46 Jake Gaecke said:
I have heard nothing to say that the iPad supports pressure, too bad, it would make for a heck of a graphics tablet. Wacom, you guys are safe.
at 6:46 Bill Stiteler said:
It's a paint app, which would explain the Invite's motif.
at 6:45 Bill Stiteler said:
Next app is "Brushes."
at 6:44 Jake Gaecke said:
Seems like the best way to get in on Apple secrets is to become an amazing developer. Add that to the list...
at 6:44 Bill Stiteler said:
NYT app features inline video. So they've switched to h.264?
at 6:44 Adam Fisher-Cox said:
So the NYT app looks like an example of how Apple plans to do the print media thing. Perhaps Apple simply distributes apps, allowing the publisher to customize the book/magazine/paper experience?
at 6:43 Bill Stiteler said:
Showing off more apps created in two weeks, which is when Apple showed off a sneak preview to developers.
at 6:42 Jake Gaecke said:
This just in, Apple plans to save the NYT
at 6:41 Bill Stiteler said:
Here comes a guy from the NYT to talk about their incredibly complicated subscription plan.
at 6:40 Jake Gaecke said:
I really wish someone would come out with the iPhone/iPad virtual external monitor app for more screen real estate. It would be even more useful with the iPad.
at 6:39 Bill Stiteler said:
Looks like the only port is the dock connector.
at 6:39 Kirk Hiner said:
Oh, great. Developers. Of course, Gameloft is a good place to start.
at 6:38 Adam Fisher-Cox said:
Seems weird to waste all that screen space on the little iPhone apps... I'm still stuck on that.
at 6:38 Jake Gaecke said:
So you can get a simulated iPad today, if you are a developer, or at least think you are.
at 6:38 Bill Stiteler said:
Haven't talke about importing PDFs and the like... haven't really talked about reading at all...
at 6:37 Jake Gaecke said:
Those icons look way too far apart. More icons on one page please.
at 6:37 Bill Stiteler said:
Includes an "iPad simulator"
at 6:36 Bill Stiteler said:
New SDK out today with iPad tools.
at 6:36 Kirk Hiner said:
New iPhone SDK for optimizing apps for the iPad available today.
at 6:36 Bill Stiteler said:
If you run an app 1x, you see a black box, not the desktop or any apps running in the background.
at 6:36 Jake Gaecke said:
I wonder if it can run more than one iPhone app side by side
at 6:35 Bill Stiteler said:
More games. Apparently everything runs on the iPad. Nothing too surprising.
at 6:35 Jake Gaecke said:
Oooo, virtual bezel on the iPhone apps with virtual reflection too. I wonder if it's accelerometer based :P
at 6:34 Kirk Hiner said:
I wonder how that will affect future iPhone app development. Which screen to aim for...or both?
at 6:34 Bill Stiteler said:
I dunno. the Ipod touch doesn't have speaker holes.
at 6:33 Bill Stiteler said:
You can run iPhone apps in a box or double the pixels
at 6:33 Jake Gaecke said:
Looks like mic and speaker holes to me
at 6:32 Bill Stiteler said:
Demoing a game... I suppose you could use the App for in-game chatting.
at 6:32 Jake Gaecke said:
10 hours of video, wow. 1 month of standby
at 6:32 Bill Stiteler said:
You're right, there are three somethings on the bottom of the projected image...
at 6:32 Kirk Hiner said:
Can run all iPhone apps.
at 6:31 Bill Stiteler said:
10 hours of battery life.
at 6:31 Adam Fisher-Cox said:
Are those 3 mini-USB ports on the bottom?
at 6:31 Bill Stiteler said:
n Wifi and Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
at 6:31 Jake Gaecke said:
It has a mic, this must be iPhone 4!
at 6:31 Kirk Hiner said:
Accelerometer and compass, so you can finally accurately watch "North by Northwest."
at 6:31 Bill Stiteler said:
16 to 64 GB of flash storage
at 6:30 Jake Gaecke said:
I lied, it's not flat :(
at 6:30 Bill Stiteler said:
And a mic! Okay, now there's only one reason you'd need a mic.
at 6:30 Kirk Hiner said:
Didn't they buy a chip maker a while back?
at 6:30 Bill Stiteler said:
Whoa! Apple's got a custom chip in there!
at 6:29 Jake Gaecke said:
9.7 inch IPS display, wow, curveball, what's IPS?
at 6:29 Kirk Hiner said:
And with their own chip, no less.
at 6:29 Bill Stiteler said:
Thinner than any netbook, with 9.7 inch display
at 6:29 Jake Gaecke said:
Half an inch thick
at 6:29 Bill Stiteler said:
1/2" thin, weighs 1.5 lbs.
at 6:28 Jake Gaecke said:
It does, however, seem to have a 4X3 aspect ration, which would be perfect for images
at 6:27 Bill Stiteler said:
It's worth noting that the iPad does not have widescreen dimensions.
at 6:26 Bill Stiteler said:
But will it actually buffer the video or just stream it like the iPhone?
at 6:26 Adam Fisher-Cox said:
We can now see what iTunes 9's weird window chrome gradient was all about, looks to be the same on the iPad.
at 6:26 Jake Gaecke said:
It has GPS
at 6:25 Bill Stiteler said:
Showing of HD YouTube video... Somethign tells me Flash is still non grata.
at 6:25 Kirk Hiner said:
Of course, Steve's legally obligated to work John Mayer into all press events somehow.
at 6:23 Adam Fisher-Cox said:
iTunes looks really nice, but we're seeing really mundane stuff. I can't wait for what this is leading up to.
at 6:23 Jake Gaecke said:
Looks like the back is completely flat, which makes me very happy, no more wobble on the table action!
at 6:23 Bill Stiteler said:
iTunes LP artwork looks great, natch.
at 6:23 Kirk Hiner said:
I think it doesn't actually have a back. It's 100% front.
at 6:22 Bill Stiteler said:
I think it's made of Unicorns and Moonbeams.
at 6:21 Adam Fisher-Cox said:
Any mention of what the back of the iPad is made of? If it's that "scratch-me-silver" like the iPod touch I'll have a fit.
at 6:20 Bill Stiteler said:
Steve's demoing the iPhoto capabilities... has a scrubber function along the bottom.
at 6:19 Bill Stiteler said:
EXCLUSIVE: iPad displays time at the top! :)
at 6:19 Bill Stiteler said:
Ooh, the Dvorak people are going to be mad abou this keyboard.
at 6:19 Kirk Hiner said:
"Gorgeous keyboard." Are we really at the point where we're rating the attractiveness of keyboards?
at 6:18 Adam Fisher-Cox said:
I'd be far from surprised if 3G is intentionally delayed to iPad 2 just as they do with things like volume buttons and speakers (iPod touch.)
at 6:18 Bill Stiteler said:
Wonder if you can pinch the screen to zoom?
at 6:18 Bill Stiteler said:
Two panel view in horizontal Email app.
at 6:17 Kirk Hiner said:
You know, from the demo they're giving, I really can see my dad using this to check the news at the end of the work day.
at 6:17 Bill Stiteler said:
iPad shows a wifi signal like the iPod touch. No mention of 3G so far.
at 6:16 Adam Fisher-Cox said:
No Flash on the iPad.
at 6:16 Bill Stiteler said:
Missing error plugin on the NYTimes page? No flash?
at 6:15 Jake Gaecke said:
Nevermind, my eyes (and blurry pixels) deceived me
at 6:15 Kirk Hiner said:
Scrolling is awesomely smooth. I wonder why it's not widescreen, though.
at 6:14 Jake Gaecke said:
Oh wow, looks like they've combined all the media apps into one. Am I seeing this right? iPhoto plus iTunes?
at 6:14 Bill Stiteler said:
Is a hybrid of the iPhone/iTunes (OS X) interface
at 6:14 Adam Fisher-Cox said:
I was hoping they could find a way to make the onscreen keyboard not look as kludgy as in mockups, but you can't win 'em all.
at 6:14 Kirk Hiner said:
So far, this is all what we where expecting. Still waiting for a killer feature or two.
at 6:13 Bill Stiteler said:
iTunes built in to the surprise of no one.
at 6:13 Jake Gaecke said:
I like the menuing system
at 6:13 Bill Stiteler said:
Has a home screen button.
at 6:12 Bill Stiteler said:
On screen keyboard is "a dream to type with". I'm skeptical about THAT
at 6:12 Kirk Hiner said:
That's a lot of border space...kind of like a digital picture frame.
at 6:12 Jake Gaecke said:
Mobile Safari looks much improved
at 6:11 Bill Stiteler said:
"The best browsing experience you've ever had."
at 6:11 Adam Fisher-Cox said:
it's a big iPhone, running a what looks like an OS X, Phone mashup.
at 6:11 Bill Stiteler said:
Shaped like the top of a Macbook pro.
at 6:11 Jake Gaecke said:
iPad it is
at 6:10 Jake Gaecke said:
Yeah, I HAD a netbook, need I say more?
at 6:10 Bill Stiteler said:
at 6:10 Adam Fisher-Cox said:
Ew... iPad? Ok.
at 6:10 Bill Stiteler said:
Slam at Netbooks for not being better at anything, just cheap.
at 6:10 Kirk Hiner said:
Trashing the netbooks. And justifiably so.
at 6:09 Bill Stiteler said:
Things this device needs to do: email, browsing, pictures, video, and... reading
at 6:09 Kirk Hiner said:
Or, perhaps not.
at 6:09 Jake Gaecke said:
Bridging the gap between the iPhone and the MacBook Pro, didn't see that one coming [rolls eyes]
at 6:09 Kirk Hiner said:
at 6:09 Bill Stiteler said:
Graphic showing the iphone on one side and the Macbook on the other, with a ? in between.
at 6:08 Jake Gaecke said:
Steve just mentioned the TFT screen, implying OLED?
at 6:07 Bill Stiteler said:
Okay, skipping on to the main event.
at 6:07 Jake Gaecke said:
Yay, they're cutting to the chase... tablet time
at 6:07 Kirk Hiner said:
And somewhat disturbing.
at 6:07 Adam Fisher-Cox said:
Steve's emphasis that Apple is a "mobile device company" is probably meaningful.
at 6:07 Jake Gaecke said:
"Apple is the largest mobile devices company in the world."
at 6:07 Kirk Hiner said:
And they're playing D&D!
at 6:06 Bill Stiteler said:
I hope he announces the're buying Dell and selling it off.
at 6:06 Bill Stiteler said:
$15B in profit last quarter. Hey! There's a pic of Steve and Woz in the 70s!
at 6:05 Jake Gaecke said:
Numbers, like anyone's concerned if Apple is doing well.
at 6:05 Bill Stiteler said:
140k Apps, 3 Billion downloads.
at 6:04 Bill Stiteler said:
Sorry, 250M visitors
at 6:04 Bill Stiteler said:
50M visitors
at 6:03 Bill Stiteler said:
284 retail stores.
at 6:03 Bill Stiteler said:
250M ipods sold.
at 6:02 Kirk Hiner said:
Good for him.
at 6:02 Bill Stiteler said:
They're going to announce something "magical and revolutionary." Oh my.
at 6:02 Bill Stiteler said:
And STeve looks... about the same.
at 6:01 Jake Gaecke said:
Steve's usage of "Boom" prediction - 37
at 6:01 Bill Stiteler said:
at 6:01 Kirk Hiner said:
There go the lights. I'm starting to panic.
at 6:01 Bill Stiteler said:
And we're off.
at 6:01 Adam Fisher-Cox said:
Seems like they're starting exactly on time.
at 6:00 Kirk Hiner said:
Jake...keep your baggage at home.
at 6:00 Bill Stiteler said:
I hope they open with one of Steve's patented "Year in Movies" medlies
at 6:00 Jake Gaecke said:
That's a nice couch they have on stage. Kind of reminds me of the couch I ordered from IKEA but still don't have, darn IKEA.
at 5:59 Bill Stiteler said:
Yours is the only one that rings with "Whirlygirl," Hiner.
at 5:58 Kirk Hiner said:
And when your iPhone rings, they'll totally know it's one of us.
at 5:57 Jake Gaecke said:
Hey everyone, better silence you phones, they're about to begin.
at 5:57 Kirk Hiner said:
I'm holding my breath, but it has nothing to do with this event.
at 5:56 Jake Gaecke said:
My credit card is ready, but I'm not holding my breathe
at 5:55 Jake Gaecke said:
Bill, yeah, that's definitely possible, but they've requested to have private FCC approval before, so it might have already gone through...
at 5:54 Bill Stiteler said:
Good point, Jake. If it has 3G built in, does that mean they have to go through FCC approval? They did this with the original iPhone, as I recall.
at 5:54 Jake Gaecke said:
That's why I'm bothered :)
at 5:54 Kirk Hiner said:
He's so eccentric!
at 5:54 Adam Fisher-Cox said:
If the tablet is in fact available in March, there may be nothing to change on the store.
at 5:53 Bill Stiteler said:
What's this? Apple's sending everyone home? Steve's "changed his mind?"
at 5:53 Jake Gaecke said:
I'm very bothered that the Apple store is still up
at 5:52 Bill Stiteler said:
Still, they're going to have a hard time measuring up to Ballmer's tablet from CES, eh?
at 5:51 Kirk Hiner said:
Rumor has it Apple also kicked IDG's dog.
at 5:51 Bill Stiteler said:
Boy, you can really see why it would have killed Apple to wait a few weeks and announce this at Macworld Expo.
at 5:49 Kirk Hiner said:
Good. Because I've been needing to explore Atlantis a bit more as of late.
at 5:48 Bill Stiteler said:
Say what you will, this computer is going to be the ideal format for Choose Your Own Adventure books.
at 5:47 Kirk Hiner said:
Guess that depends upon who's sitting in the chair.
at 5:46 Bill Stiteler said:
Here's the link pure speculation on their part because they saw Iger arrive.
at 5:46 Adam Fisher-Cox said:
Apparently there's just a table and comfy chair on the stage, really seems to indicate the ebook focus, though if they're literally going to demonstrate that by sitting in the chair and reading an eBook this'll be a snoozer.
at 5:45 Bill Stiteler said:
CNBC says Bob Iger (Disney) is going to make an announcement. Are we underestimating the tablet as a video tool?
at 5:44 Bill Stiteler said:
Maybe they'll call it the "Vista."
at 5:43 Kirk Hiner said:
If they really wanted to take a shot at the Kindle, and if my dad were running the show, they'd call it "Cheater Wood."
at 5:43 Jake Gaecke said:
As far as names, I'm hoping for iSlate or something similar, I think everyone hates the idea of iPad, too similar to iPod. Apple tablet makes a lot of sense, but it seems too generic.
at 5:43 Kirk Hiner said:
I agree with Adam. "Apple tablet" makes the most sense, ala "Apple TV."
at 5:42 Adam Fisher-Cox said:
I'd disagree with the "iPod tablet" moniker, I don't think that the tablet would be part of the iPod line, even if it is simply a scaled up iPod touch/iPhone.
at 5:41 Adam Fisher-Cox said:
Hey everyone.
at 5:41 Kirk Hiner said:
Hello, Jake. Adam. Glad you could join us.
at 5:39 Bill Stiteler said:
Oh, and full color screen which they'll use to take a dig at the Kindle.
at 5:38 Jake Gaecke said:
Hey guys
at 5:38 Kirk Hiner said:
Add Bluetooth support to that for external keyboards and such.
at 5:37 Bill Stiteler said:
Okay, actual predictions, Tablet (called the iPod tablet), runs iPhone OS, 10" screen, runs iPhone apps as well as new book interface (which will also be ported to iPhone). 3G through AT&T only (though I hope I'm wrong). Cost: $899. No USB ports.
at 5:32 Kirk Hiner said:
'bout damn time.
at 5:31 Bill Stiteler said:
My prediction: the return of Cyberdog
at 5:18 Kirk Hiner said:
I liked him more when he was lurking with Hugh Laurie.
at 5:18 Bill Stiteler said:
Hey, it's Stephen Fry lurking about inside!
at 5:01 Kirk Hiner said:
Regardless, I'll be curious to see how this impacts the price of college textbooks, if at all. My guess is that if McGraw Hill is already praising the tablet, then it's going to be closer to not at all.
at 4:59 Kirk Hiner said:
That seems kind of "gutless and chickenhearted" of Apple. They certainly did more than "suggest" prices for iTunes songs, after all.
at 3:29 Bill Stiteler said:
WSJ: Apple is suggesting prices to publishers but not requiring them.
at 3:01 Bill Stiteler said:
If that's an Apple tablet, it's not the finished version...
at 2:59 Bill Stiteler said:
Whoops! Sorry, didn't see you'd already linked to that.
at 2:59 Bill Stiteler said:
Apparently the CEO of Macgraw-Hill blabbed last night that the tablet is going to be iPhone OS based and they will be selling their textbooks on it. (from Macrumors)
at 12:14 Kirk Hiner said:
Here we are, morning of the show, and the rumors are still coming in. Did you see the latest leaked tablet images?
at 3:23 Kirk Hiner said:
Story two is in a press release from Appular, in which they mention that...well, I think I'll write this one up real quickly at Appletell. Check the home page for the Crosswords release. We'll see you tomorrow morning.
at 3:20 Kirk Hiner said:
Okay, good, the hyperlink worked.
at 3:19 Kirk Hiner said:
Yes, I know we're still over twelve hours away from the press event, but with nothing much to do here beyond search for stories, I found two of note. The first is right here at Appletell, where McGraw Hill may have jumped the gun on the tablet announcement.
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