Apple announces the Apple iPad

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The brand new Apple iPad

It’s here—it’s official. Apple has just announced the Apple iPad. Steve Jobs said on stage that the iPad will be “… way better than a laptop, way better than an phone.” It looks, as you can see, quite similar to the iPhone and iPod touch. It has the same home screen button and the same icons (albeit more spread out). The first obvious difference between the iPad and an iPhone or iPod touch is the ability to change the background; something that we’ve wanted on the iPhone and iPod touch for quite some time.

The New York Times viewed on the new Apple iPad

With a bigger screen (although not yet specified on stage), viewing web pages looks great. They render just like a normal browser, and with the new on-screen keyboard, text-entry appears to be a breeze too. There are some updated applications, of course, specified for the iPad, including a new Calendar and Contacts app, which both utilize the full screen.

A new Calendar application on the Apple iPad

It’s also now possible to stream high-deffinition content to the iPad, although the screen looks to be more towards 4:3, rather than 16:9. Still, from what we can see so far, it looks beautiful.

Stay tuned with the live coverage of the event, and don’t forget to check back soon, as we’ll have more in-depth articles around the iPad and it’s software.

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  • Barry

    I am sorry- I really don't see the point in this other than showing off technology. It doesn't do much more than an iPod touch, and even my iPhone has a camera this seems to lack. This doesn't even have a webcam. Limited to just the app store means you can't use Mac apps on it- so how is it "way better than a laptop"?

    I think I will be sticking to my iPhone and Macbook Pro thank you very much.

  • Ed Parry


    I can see where you're coming from. This device could not replace either your MacBook Pro or your iPhone, it would have to be a third device. The issue comes with if you can justify a third device for those little improvements to web browsing, email etc…

  • Albert

    Im going to pass on this. No camera No flash, I rather have my laptop why cary a big Ipod touch. Also no USB cant work with my home videos and cant download. forget it.