Apple’s iPad accessories: a dock, case/easel, camera kit, and keyboard dock

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Apple iPad Keyboard Dock

Along with the actual hardware of the iPad, Apple also announced a few accessories they will be creating for the device.

The first of them is simply a dock that props the device up at a nice angle. It can presumably be used for syncing, along with serving as a sort of photo frame. The second of the devices is also a dock, but this one has an Apple keyboard attached to it to allow for text entry from a physical keyboard instead of just the iPad’s virtual keyboard. This raises the question, though, of whether the iPad will be able to use Bluetooth keyboards or USB keyboards as well. Furthermore, there will also be an iPad Camera connector kit that allows either SD cards or USB plugs to be used to import photos. Finally, Apple will also be creating a case to use with the iPad, which is only 1.5 pounds and .5 inches thin.

Apple iPad Case

Considering that Apple has already created a few of their own products to go alongside of the iPad, it’s going to be really interesting to see what other manufacturing companies do with it. As if the ability for developers to create all sorts of new software for it isn’t enough, who knows what the hardware side of companies will come up with for this new device. I’m excited.

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