iPad preview / giveaway at Macworld 2010

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Macworld Expo iPad event

So, Apple essentially flipped-off IDG, insulted their mother and kicked their dog by pulling out of Macworld Expo and then announcing their biggest product since the iPhone two weeks before the largest Apple event of the year is set to start. In retaliation, IDG has chosen to turn the other cheek (not that they have any other choice) by embracing the iPad and announcing an exclusive preview of the product.

The iPad preview will be held on Saturday, February 13 at 1:00pm at the Moscone Center. Jason Snell, vice president and editorial director at Macworld, and a panel of industry insiders will explore the features, functionality and provide insight into the iPad.

“Apple’s new iPad represents another watershed event for the tech marketplace, and Macworld 2010 will be the first and best place where end users can learn how the product works and whether it’s a buy now or wait decision,” said Paul Kent, vice president and general manager for Macworld 2010. “Our special event will help demystify the just-announced iPad and give users an in-depth look into the future of this product and what it might mean to them on a personal and practical level.”

Because whereas Apple is seemingly content to show their product only to tech analysts and media reporters who continue to whine about things like lack of built-in 3G and the omission of front/back cameras, IDG understands the importance of showing products to fanboys who continue to whine about things like lack of built-in 3G and the omission of front/back cameras.

Those attending the event will get the chance to win an Apple iPad when the product is available to ship, but IDG has offered no other contest rules at this time.

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  • bergwax

    Did it…. YES!!!

  • ruthie

    i like you ipad friend of my has on I LIKE IT .but i told them i could not afford i thought you you was give them away if you are please send me one PLEASE

  • Linda Labron

    If you are giving away Ipads, I would love one :) I love my iPhone and would welcome the chance to experience an Ipad!!

  • tweetiii

    i heard you guys was giving away ipads so i kameto surport yall kause i need one please give me one thank you an have a bless day…….

  • mildred thomas

    Good Afternoon. I am trying to get the ipad that you guys are giving away. My friend told me about it and I THINK THAT THIS WOULD BE A GREAT ADDITION TO MY COLLECTION OF FAVORITE DEVICES. I really hope that you guys are able to send me a free ipad because I like it alot and I can't afford one right now because my college tuition is really expensive.It would be a pleasure to have one. PLEASE AND THANK YOU

  • leslie

    love the new iphone i just got i couldn't get the ipad because my two kids,
    two boys so the cost for the i pad was a bite to much for me. would love
    if you would send a ipad in your give away package that nice for me and my family
    thank you for your time.

  • melissa nicholson

    my friend has one its great but cant afford it

  • Carlos Washington

    I love mac and my frends has it but I don't have
    the money b/c I have a baby boy and it cost too be a good
    dad and I hope u can sent me one in the give away
    thank u!!

  • Louice Minell

    My sister got an mac, she loves it! I've got the iPhone and would live to experience the iPad!! heard so many great things about it!!

  • Ryan F

    Being a school bus driver and a trainer an Ipad would be a fantastic asset to my career with its versatile abilities. I could schedule employees and research laws an information involved in transportation of students. Keep up to date with the latest news in music an other interest that I could use to better socialize with students, not to mention my own mental wellness did I mention I’m a school bus driver ?