Apple iPad has hardware for camera, just no camera

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iPad Camera

One of the biggest disappointments for me at the iPad media event was the lack of a camera. With a device that has such a large, beautiful screen, it would only make sense to me to be able to either video chat or take pictures with it (with the former being the slickest). However, it doesn’t surprise me that Apple kept the camera out of the first generation of the model. After all, they do need something “new” to have for the second gen, don’t they? Apparently so, according to images and data from Mission Repair.

If you look at their image, you’ll see a camera taken from a standard unibody Macbook in the middle in black. This little piece of electronics would appear to fit perfectly in the frame of the iPad above it, and I’m sure it does. While it makes sense from a marketing and business standpoint for Apple to leave this out of gen one, it is sort of disheartening to see this. But then again, who’s surprised?

Via [Mission Repair]

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