Apple already being threatened with an iPad lawsuit

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P88 Tablet PC and iPad

And unfortunately, it’s not over the name, so it looks like we’re still stuck with that. Rather, the Chinese company Shenzhen Great Loong Brother is threatening to sue Apple for “plagiarism,” claiming they stole the iPad design from their company’s P88 tablet computer. The P88 has been on the market for six months, but as Wired suggests in their article, I wonder where they got their design cues from?

Wu describes the iPad and P88 as being “completely identical,” which may be a bigger insult to the iPad than calling it simply a larger iPod touch. As Wired states, “Anyone confusing the two products deserves the P88.” The $525 P88 doesn’t support multitouch, but does have a 250GB hard drive, ethernet port, webcam and 1GB of RAM, and a battery powerful enough to run it all for a whopping 1.5 hours.

Likely, this pending lawsuit won’t be nearly as entertaining to watch as the battle between Apple and Psystar, as it’s bound to be thrown out rather quickly, if it’s even filed. So, have some fun with it while it lasts.

Read [El Mundo] Via [Wired]

Product [Tablet PC P88] and [Apple iPad]

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  • Boca Boi 786

    that’s crazy…insanely crazy

  • jdg

    uh, duh… the p88 was a ripoff of the iPhone or iPod touch and the iPad is a big iPod Touch… so…