Google Tablet concept very similar to iPad

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Chrome OS Tablet

Just as Apple announces their iPad, Google quietly begins posting images and videos on the Chromium Project’s site visualizing what a possible Chrome OS tablet could look like. While the interface they show looks nothing like the Chrome OS interface we saw a few months ago, it does have a lot of resemblance to the iPad in my opinion (moreso in terms of design rather than functionality). Among things shown in the video is the ability to multitask, a large advantage that any possible Chrome OS tablet could have over the iPad. Although it is just a concept video, the hardware tablet in the video does look a lot like that of the iPad, minus the overly large bezel. Take a gander in the video below.

While a tablet supporting Chrome OS would be nice, I can see Google doing something even better to improve the tablet market. Now that Apple has set the bar for hardware, if Google releases a hardware version much like the iPad but allows all sorts of Linux distros and other operating systems on it, that’d be killer. Unlike the iPad, an open software platform could rapidly drive innovation in this space—much more than on a device as small as the iPhone, if you ask me. While this didn’t necessarily work for Android so far, a tablet provides more room with which to work. It’ll certainly be interesting to see Google’s next move.

Via [The Chrome Source]

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