Apple enables iTunes Preview for web browser app previews

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iTunes Preview

The next time you click on a link in my weekly Free Apps Roundup you’ll be pleasantly surprised by an in browser app preview in the tab or window that opens as a result of clicking the App Store link. Instead of a useless blank page, you’ll be able to view a snapshot of what you’ll see on the App Store.

And before you say this is uterlly pointless, consider how much more useful this might seem if you aren’t using your normal computer. Perhaps you click on an App Store link while at work or at someone else’s house. They may or may not have iTunes, but that won’t matter, because you will still be able to get a useful preview of the app. This feature is clearly not necessary, but I think it’s a nice touch.

Thanks Apple. You wouldn’t be trying to hint at a web-based iTunes, would you?

Want to try it out now? Okay, here’s a link to my most used app, Byline. It’s a…well why don’t you click on it and find out what it is?

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  • Kirk Hiner

    I still liked this better when the link opened a new browser window or tab that immediately closed again when iTunes launched.

  • Jake Gaecke

    You have a very valid point. Too bad there isn't an option that you could set on your computer for this.