Is the iPad what consumers are looking for?

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Apple iPad

If you’re a regular reader of Appletell, you’re likely to be quite a tech-savvy person. You probably know your fair share of technology news, and while you may not want to purchase every device that comes from the Cupertino HQ, you can certainly understand and appreciate them. Despite there being a huge following behind Apple, when put into perspective, it doesn’t seem that big at all. In a poll of 1,000 British people reported by the BBC, for example, 20% of them had never even heard of Steve Jobs, with another 10% on top believing he worked for a trade union.

Let’s focus in on the new Apple iPad. If you’re anything like myself, you’d love the device and are thinking about your options to purchase one once it’s released. Sure, I maybe don’t feel like I need one, but it’s a definite want. This is, again, a belief that is not shared by everyone.

If we look into healthcare, it seems that professionals in that sector are certainly looking for a portable touch-screen computer, but the Apple iPad wasn’t quite what they were looking for. The results of a survey conducted by SoftwareAdvice indicate 34% of 178 healthcare professionals were “very likely” to purchase a tablet in the near future. What they wanted from such a device however, didn’t quite fit the iPad’s specification list. They’d love to see a wide selection of medical software, resistance to water and dust, a fingerprint scanner, and voice-to-text dictation, to name a few. While there are quite a few high-quality medical applications on the App Store, because they were built for the iPhone and iPod touch, they are not as powerful as a healthcare professional may need on a day-to-day basis. The Apple iPad certainly looks the part, but I wouldn’t feel too confident if it was dropped into water, or was left in a dusty environment for too long. It seems that, for now, Apple isn’t winning the battle for the healthcare sector.

A survey about the Apple iPad conducted by

For the general consumer electronics market, it appears that even more people aren’t entirely satisfied with Apple’s entry into the tablet market. According to surveys conducted by held over the weeks before and after the Apple media event, 26% of people had heard rumors about the device, but had no interest in making a purchase. After the iPad was announced the percentage of those not interested in buying rose to 52%, with the number planning to buy the device being only 9%. Before and after the launch, around half of the people surveyed felt they had no need for a tablet device, the figures being 49% and 61% respectively.

Of course, with different people, you would get entirely different results. But it’s certainly interesting to see such high numbers of people showing little or no interest in the Apple iPad. Still, I doubt these surveys will worry Apple too much. They will have their target audiences firmly in place, and I’m sure the figures will justify the device’s success after its launch.

Just out of interest, you’ve at least thought about buying the Apple iPad, right?

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  • RayCon

    If you need a laptop, it's not a laptop replacement. If it was, it would cannibalize laptop sales. The purpose is to actually provide the functionality of the iPhone/iPod touch with a larger screen and a bit extra. I feel that it does this quite well. I have a 27" i7 iMac that provides me with everything I need for "power computing." My PowerBook is pretty much only used when I go on trips or when I am doing a keynote presentation. Actually, the iPad would suite my needs better than a laptop. It provides faster startup and access to my applications. The $30/month unlimited 3G internet access is a big plus. And, I can still use the iPad for everything I've used my laptop for. As for me, I'm sold.

  • Richard

    Everyone in my my family has notebook. But next year I bought one mac mini for whole and everybody get one iPad.