Macworld 2010: Navigon updates MobileNavigator

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Navigon 3D

Navigon’s at it again. No surprise, really. This time, they’ve been working on Panorama View 3D and MyRoutes. Oh yeah, they also added Twitter and Facebook connectivity. I’m beginning to think the rest of the GPS apps on the App Store are just playing catch up with Navigon.

Panorama View 3D uses NASA height and terrain data to make your maps have depth. Just like map data, it’s stored in the app, so there’s no need for a data connection. I love this feature because it appears to make your map much more like the real world outside. Unfortunately, it won’t be a free update. It will be offered as an in app purchase for $9.99, which isn’t bad. No word on availability, but I’d assume they won’t tease us just to keep us waiting for a long time.

Navigon MyRoutes is determined to give you more intelligent routing options. It analyzes your own driving details and combines those with other variables such as the time of day to make routing smarter. It displays up to three route choices with distances and ETAs for each for you to pick from. One is based on your driving habits, day of the week and time of travel, while the remaining two offer more choices.

Navigon MyRoutes

I’m not sure that Navigon is attempting to be your dedicated Twitter client, but they have included some pretty cool social features. You can tweet your location, destination and ETA, or even post it to Facebook. And it shouldn’t cause you to go flying off of the road either, since your tweet happens with a single tap (after you set up your account, of course). It’s not a necessary feature, but I love that they’re always adding more stuff.

Navigon Twitter and Facebook integration

Oh, and just to sweeten the deal, MobileNavigator is currently available for just $69.99, and the Traffic Live in app purchase is on sale, too, for $19.99. Very exciting. And these are just a couple of reasons why Navigon’s MobileNavigator continues to be the best GPS app available on the App Store, in my opinion at least.

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  • Jeff

    I had purchased the Navigon GPS unit for my car. Not the Apple App, but the actual device. What I find amazing, is that no one is reporting how Navigon "pulled" out of the North America market leaving all the owners of their GPS units holding the bag without support or updates. When you email or call, they announce they no longer support the North America market. Yet they sell this app on the App Store. I can understanding pulling out of the hardware market from North America, but for them to NOT support map updates, firmware updates to the units that were sold in the US and Canada is not right. To update these devices it's logging into any server around the world. Why doesn't Navigon support those who purchased their devices? This update to the map showing elevations was released in Europe to their devices, but not the US. How can they be given GREAT reviews for the Apple App when they have such a reputation of not supporting their devices?

  • Barry

    "How can they be given GREAT reviews for the Apple App when they have such a reputation of not supporting their devices?"

    Because the article was about the Apple app, perhaps?

    The one thing i don't like is this particular update not being available in the UK yet. why not? I have the Navigon and the Co-Pilot apps, and the Navigon is the best by far. But i really want this new update to sweeten the deal :(

  • Jeff

    Well, that is true the article was about the Apple App. However, that App is sold by Navigon. Although I do abolustely love the GPS unit and the UI, I'm just disappointed that they will not support updates to their devices which can be done via the Web, while beginning to offer software (Apps) via smartphones such as the iPhone.

    Although the GPS by Navigon is awesome, it still bugs me that their App is promoted while they have engaged in a position that leaves those who purchased their GPS devices out in the cold and then we read about all the updates.

    Like I said, fine they pulled out of the equipment market, but updates are done via the Web. Doesn't matter where you are. No reason their GPS units they have sold cannot have the same benefits of the Apple App.