The Apple Store is down, new MacBook Pros on the way?

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Apple Store is Down

Apple Store Down, Apple Store Down, looking like a fool with your Apple Store Down…

Yes, the Apple Store is down, just in time to say thanks to Macworld again. So what’s it going to be this time? I’m thinking new MacBook Pros with Core i7 processors in them, but hey, anything could happen right? Maybe they’ll put up an iPad preorder page.

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  • Bob

    Store is up. Brief overview doesn't seem anything is new. No iPad, no faster MacBooks, nothing. Maybe they take it down to start rumors. Maybe it's for Aperture 3? Do they take down a whole store for new software?

  • Jake Gaecke

    Yeah, it seems that this whole thing was just for Aperture 3. Seems a bit strange to me honestly.