Pocket God wins Best App Ever Award (for 2009, anyway) [updated]

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Pocket God

Appletell was at the Second Annual Best Best App Ever Awards presentation tonight in San Francisco to hear the announcement of the winner. Yes, winner, singular, because 148Apps only announced one at the event: Pocket God. Of the 560 nominees, Pocket God took Best App Ever for “… so many reasons. The immersive episodic interactive environment has expanded from a simple deserted island simulation to a world of entertainment in itself.”

Other winners include Tweeite 2 (Most Innovative App), Instapaper Pro (Most Useful App), and Canabalt (Best Productivity Killer). There are 56 categories in all, with apps assigned from 26,994 that were nominated. 302,880 total votes received, and some apps won more than one award: Real Racing (3), Words With Friends (3) 2Do (2), Canabalt (2), (2) and Tweetie 2 (2).

Best App Ever Awards

[Update:] The full winners list is now available online at

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