Macworld 2010: Appletell’s favorite products

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Although Macworld Expo 2010 was confined to just the north hall of Moscone Center this year, that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a wide array of great products. Now that we’ve had a chance to settle down and review our notes and brochures, the Appletell staff in attendance has selected our favorite products of Macworld 2010: a camera card, some competition for AppleTV, and a helicopter that wasn’t even a part of the show.

Bill Stiteler

My favorite product (which, oddly, enough wasn’t being even shown at the show) was the Parrot AR.Drone quadricopter. You have no idea how unbelievably cool this thing is, especially with the two stream video cameras.

The fact that they still haven’t released word on pricing or availability makes me think it’s only going to be available to the Sharper Image crowd (do they still exist?), but as a high-end iPhone/iPod touch toy, nothing even comes close.

Product [Parrot AR.Drone quadricopter]

Ed McKell

I would pick the Eye-Fi Pro X2 as my favorite product from the show. I’ve been keeping an eye on their products for a long time, but I never felt it was something I wanted to purchase.

Eye-Fi Pro X2

With the Pro X2, however, they have given it the features such as endless memory and the Class 6 SDHC performance level that makes me consider this as something I can really use.

Product [Eye-Fi Pro X2]

Kirk Hiner

Visiting Western Digital’s booth, I certainly wasn’t expecting to find competition for Apple TV. But there it was, a full HD 1080p media player that allows you to play videos, photos and music from a USB drive, your network or the Internet on your TV.

WD TV Live

It unfortunately doesn’t have WiFi, so you’ll need to either have the drive hooked up to your computer or be happy to shuffle your media to a USB drive or, say, a My Passport drive from WD. You likely wouldn’t want to be viewing full 1080p HD video over WiFi anyway. And if you’re not equipped with an HDMI compatible TV yet, no worries; you can still get quality picture and sound via the component video and optical audio outputs, or settle for composite A/V output if you’ve got no other choice.

Product [WD TV Live]

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