Macworld 2010: Appletell’s most surprising finds

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One of our favorite things to do each year at Macworld Expo is to wander the show floor with no pending meetings, and no agenda other than to see what we can find. Many of the venders are the same each year, using the expo as a time to launch variations of similar products. That’s fine, as that’s what Macworld Expo is for, but it really starts to get fun when you stumble upon the booth of a new hardware or software developer happy to demonstrate something you’ve never seen before.

Here are Appletell’s three most surprising finds of Macworld Expo 2010: a Twitter service for businesses, a photocard app for the iPhone, and a speaker system for everyone.

Bill Stiteler

It’s hard to say if there’s a “find” on the show when it’s half the size; not much can be lost. But as a social media wonk, I was intrigued by Tap 11’s product pitch: a business backend for Twitter and the like that gives you backend data on your clickthroughs, the best time to post, and so on.


Still in private beta, so we’ll have to wait to see how well it works when it comes out.

Product [Tap 11

Ed McKell

My most surprising find of the show was not from an exhibitor, but rather from Guy Kawasaki’s presentation. His final guest was Bill Atkinson discussing his PhotoCard app for the iPhone and iPod Touch.


I was really impressed with the quality and capabilities that this app has, from creating not only virtual postcards like many other apps but also beautiful full color postcards that are printed out and sent for you at a reasonable price.

Product [PhotoCard]

Kirk Hiner

Last year, I picked Linx’s Dragon-I speaker/dock station as my most surprising find. As much as I hate to do it, I’m going with speaker again this year, albeit of a greatly different type: the Edifier E3350. The “opera house” design is instantly appealing, and the 2.1 system comes in six eye-catching metallic colors.

Edifier E3350

The two 9W satellite speakers and 32W down-firing subwoofer (with separate bass control) provided a rich, full sound that could even be discerned on the show floor, but that’s not why I picked them. Rather, it’s the rotary volume control that can be placed anywhere on your desk for easy access, and that includes a headphone jack for when those around you don’t need to hear what you’re listening to. These are simple features that many of the best speaker manufacturers often overlook.

Product [Edifier E3350]

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