Mac, iPhone, iPod and iPad product news – February 25, 2010

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Macintosh, iPhone, iPod and iPad software updatesMacintosh and iPhone/iPod/iPad product updates and announcements for February 25, 2010:


  • For those who manage their money on a Mac, Quicken Essentials for Mac is now available from Intuit Inc. Built from the ground up with the look and feel Mac users expect from their products, QEM, as it’s known, provides a simple and easy way to handle the essentials of money management.
  • For AppleTV users, there hasn’t been an easy way to get Boxee’s Beta loaded since they released it publicly at CES this year. They’re now reporting that a few users teamed up to resurrect the ATV-Usb creator and craft an updated solution specifically for the Boxee Beta. Even better; if you already have Boxee Alpha installed on your AppleTV, you should be able to just update Launcher and then update Boxee to install it, no new patchstick needed.
  • iEntertainment Network has announced WarBirds’ Dogfights—the latest release in the successful WWII aerial combat WarBirds series. Single-player Dogfights presents player pilots with fast-flying combat contests across the embattled skies of Europe and the Pacific. Dogfights is filled with player choices. Players can choose among 100 historically accurate aircraft to battle an armada of incoming aircraft in thousands of unique combat mission combinations. With Dogfight’s dynamic game engine, no two air battles will ever be the same.!
  • As Google prepared to open its Chrome Extensions Gallery in early December, iOpus Software was working behind the scenes, creating a virtual Swiss Army Knife for the streamlined browser: iMacros for Chrome. Now absolutely anyone can use this powerful, free software to automate the most common tasks performed within the Chrome browser. iMacros for Chrome is poised to become one of the top Chrome add-ons. For the past three years, iMacros has been wildly successful as a recommended add-on for the Firefox browser, with more than 4.7 million downloads and a growing gallery of scripts shared by end users.
  • Algoriddim has announced djay 3.1, the latest version of its groundbreaking DJ software. The latest version of this next-generation music software for Mac provides improved Auto-BPM detection, Quantized Cue Points, extended Plug-and-Play support for MIDI Controllers, enhanced shortcuts for international keyboards, Auto-Saving, and other improvements to existing features.
  • InfoLogic, Inc. has announced MathMagic Pro Edition 6.91, their award-winning professional level equation editing software for Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress for Mac OS X. With a focus on the equation quality and productivity for publishers, MathMagic Pro Editions come with InDesign Plug-ins and Quark XTensions to help InDesign & QuarkXPress users insert and edit math equations right inside their documents. Version 6.91 supports batch conversion of equations out of MS Word documents and more.
  • iPresentee has extended the finest iWeb Intros collection to be used with Apple’s Web site building application. The iWeb Intros design uses short flash animations and sounds to give visitor a delightful first impression of the web site. iWeb Intros 3.0 adds five new welcome intros: Cityscape, Sunset, Highway, Nature and Factory. Each intro can stand alone as intro page for any website or can be incorporated into any iWeb template as a part of the page.
  • ProteMac has announced ProteMac LoginTrap 1.0, a tool designed to prevent unauthorized usage of a Mac computer. ProteMac LoginTrap monitors all login events and detects whether a login attempt was successful or failed. After a login attempt was made the program captures an image from the iSight camera, so that you are able to see who is trying to break into your Mac. An alarm e-mail with iSight camera snapshot attached is sent immediately after a login attempt.
  • The Escapers has announced Flux 2, an update to their flagship web design application for Mac OS X. Flux is an incredibly advanced WYSIWYG web design application, which uses drag and drop to create amazing websites, that aren’t just restricted to pre-set templates. The latest release of Flux 2 includes dedicated support for jQuery and MooTools. The Escapers have also produced a tutorial screencast on creating an animated menu using jQuery.
  • ActyMac today announces ActyMac DutyWatch Remote 1.0 for Mac OS X, a distant computer monitoring application that can be used on iPhone/iPod touch. The program allows to monitor a specific computer or a group of computers within local network. A DutyWatch Remote user is able to check each employee’s activity and control their productivity at any time during the day, week or month even being far away from the office.
  • Zevrix Solutions has announced File Courier 1.1.2, an update to its automatic digital delivery solution with emphasis on needs of graphics industry professionals. File Courier delivers files and folders to FTP and local destinations and sends automatic e-mail delivery notifications. The software can also create a lo-res version of PDF file, compress items and protect deliveries with password. The new update addresses some issues related to SMTP authentication.
  • DEVONtechnologies, LLC has released the final, non-public-beta version 2.0 of all editions of its information manager DEVONthink as well as of the smart note-keeper DEVONnote. Version 2.0 of DEVONthink and DEVONnote brings an immense number of improvements over version 1.x and many enhancements over version 2.0 public beta. This release is the first of six major releases scheduled for 2010.
  • Apparent Corporation has announced Barcode Producer 5.8, a minor update to its barcode generation software for Mac and PC. Built for graphic designers, Barcode Producer is Apparent’s award-winning, industry standard barcode creation suite for Mac OS X and Windows. Barcode Producer now offers support for ITF-14 barcodes as well as Light Margin Indicators for I2of5 barcodes.
  • Zevrix Solutions has announced BatchOutput 3.6.4, a maintenance update to its popular professional solution to automate printing and exporting from Adobe InDesign. Developed originally for one of the largest Canadian ad agencies, BatchOutput offers output of multiple files as single pages, link auto-update, PDF preflighting, variable file names and other time-saving features. The new update addresses several issues related to PDF auto-preflighting.


  • App Inspire, LLC, has released an all-in-one application for pet parents. This brand new, easy to use app is a directory of over 130,000 businesses catering to all aspects of pets and their care, as well as a source of user ratings and reviews. As animal lovers themselves, the developers are donating 5% of all profits to the American Humane Association.
  • Onederr Inc. has released Social Fun Box 1.0 for iPhone and iPod Touch users who want to liven up their Facebook and Twitter posts. The application offers seven very cool, fancy features that bring life to otherwise boring text updates. Users can add symbols, icons and emoticons, as well as share their location, photos and original drawings. Users can now replace their boring text notes with bright, noticeable posts.
  • Apps For All, LLC has announced Caregiver Apps 1.0, its latest health care application for iPhone and iPod touch devices. Caregiver Apps provides peer-recommended healthcare apps from the App Store based on user feedback, and allow caregivers to take a more proactive approach to those that they care for. These apps focus on areas such as healthcare for the elderly, general health questions, medication reminders and tracking, health records, health news, illness tracking, and first aid.
  • When you gotta go, you gotta know: Where to Wee is an iPhone and iPod touch appication that uses your exact location to recommend the nearest and cleanest restrooms. The App was launched this fall and already has over 60,000 worldwide washrooms in its database, with more being added every day by Where to Wee users.
  • AllStays has released iExit 1.2 for iPhone and iPod Touch users who travel on the interstate. iExit determines which direction a user is driving in then loads the upcoming exits, along with the user’s favorite places to stop. It offers an incredibly easy way of looking up interstate information, usually within ten seconds. Ideal for pinpointing rest and fuel stops, iExit has native GPS, mapping and offline use capabilities.
  • California based Bowers Technologies, Inc. has announced that their best selling iPhone app, PrayerJournal, broke into the top 100 sales ranking on the iTunes store. As a result, they announced a discount sale on their most popular apps in celebration. iPastor is a valuable tool for pastors, ministers, missionaries, church staff, and even volunteers. TrackMyTime is a simple to use app that allows someone to accurately record time in order to better manage billable hours.
  • Inner Ear Solutions has released iTinnitus Solutions 1.1 for iPhone and iPod Touch users suffering from tinnitus. It is a comprehensive package for tracking tinnitus and sound therapy. Using validated sound therapy techniques applied to dynamic tinnitus tracking, iTinnitus Solutions can improve the degree of perceived tinnitus. It helps users pinpoint the frequencies of their tinnitus. Once done, the frequencies can be tracked on a graph and emailed to a specialist or insurance company.
  • Lovett Apps has announced Love Taps 1.02 for iPhone and iPod touch devices. Love Taps promises to help users navigate those squirmy, tenuous, first few weeks of a new relationship, and assists users in not screwing up the beginning of a new relationship by over-texting, calling, and/or facebook stalking a potential love interest. The application tells the user whether it’s okay to contact their love interest right then, or whether the user should wait a little while longer.
  • Punflay has announced Rafter 1.3 for iPhone and iPod touch. Rafter is an engaging game with blocks and spheres which have to be dropped with precision to strike a mine. Spread over 21 plus 20 challenging levels, it tests the user’s attention and skills to strike the mine as the timer ticks. The game has the scores tied with the number of moves made. The Physics based iPhone App has received some great reviews from top iPhone reviewers.
  • Stas Olekhnovich has released HereYouAre 1.1 for iPhone and iPod touch. HereYouAre provides its users with an opportunity to share their locations using the latest Apple’s Push Notification technology. Once you know your friend’s username and codeword, you can add him to that list and ask him/her a simple digitally encoded question. There is no need to keep an application running, no need to use emails or SMS and open embedded Maps links.
  • Super Happy Fun Fun has announced a free, lite version of their critically acclaimed Star*Burst game. See why the critics all agree that this is a truly unique and wonderfully addicting twist on the wildly popular puzzle genre. Designed by the original designer of Klax, Star*Burst’s rich heritage shines like the well-polished gem that it is. The Lite version features a sampling of the various levels and all of the quirky and beautiful collectible achievement cards as well as the ability to link to your Facebook account. Impress your friends that you have your priorities straight and know how to spend your leisure time.
  • The Cleveland International Film Festival has announced the release of its free 34th Cleveland International Film Festival app for the iPhone and iPod touch. The free app allows film fans to browse all of the festival’s films by title, category, program, or day. Users can view film details, multiple images, and real-time, up-to-the-minute screening information as we as the trailer for this year’s festival.
  • Art Beat Inc has announced NYArtBeat 1.0, their new cultural event finder app for iPhone and iPod touch devices. The new NYArtBeat application enables users to easily discover art and design events happening around them as they move through New York City. The Nearby Search feature helps users visit a series of nearby events in one outing. No need to plan museum and gallery visits from home anymore. The app gives instant access to more than 600 art and design events.
  • Little Guy Games has announced an update that enables multiplayer via Bluetooth for their debut title Battle Blasters, a futuristic, 1-on-1 fighting game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The most-requested feature from fans and players allows fighters to have maximum control over the battle as they swipe, flick and tap their opponents to death. Also announced today is the release of a free demo for Battle Blasters, available now in the App Store.
  • Opetopic has just reduced the price and released a huge update for IsoWords, the first word search game on a three dimensional cube! While IsoWords pays homage to many of the basic principles of the word search genre, Opetopic has made it their big, hairy, audacious goal to quite literally add some dimensions of their own (pun intended!). With additions like global leaderboards, 3 local multiplayer modes, and daily challenges, Opetopic is celebrating the update by bringing the price of IsoWords to $0.99 for a limited time on the iTunes App Store.
  • You’ll need more than a bright idea and great code to compete in today’s App Store arena. The Business of iPhone App Development by Dave Woolridge and Michael Schneider shows you how to incorporate marketing and business saavy into the iPhone App development process, giving you the extra insight you need to set your app apart from the six-figure crowd.
  • En Masse LLC has announced Skeemo, a addictive game for all puzzle lovers. In Skeemo, you have to make horizontal, vertical or diagonal rows of the same color by dragging pieces across the board and get points and power ups.
  • Handmark has introduced Power Line Mobile, a novel application enabling readers to carry “the best of the conservative web” in their pockets. Named TIME magazine’s first-ever “Blog of the Year,” describing it as “a certain Ping-Pong, finish-each-other’s-sentences conversational chemistry” merrily covering the politics and culture of the day, is read from the halls of Congress to the newsrooms of New York to offices around the world. The site attracts more than three million readers per month. The new mobile application provides users with an instant, real-time access to Power Line content, as well as special connections to other conservative commentators. Readers can download the Power Line Mobile app, inviting their favorite writers into their lives, incorporating the ‘steam’ of news and thought into the everyday.
  • Aha Radio has announced a new free iPhone App: Aha Radio. Aha Radio answers drivers’ important questions, such as “what is traffic like up ahead?” and entertains them with everything from Facebook updates to their favorite podcasts. With Aha Radio, the things you want to know while driving are read aloud and organized like pre-set radio stations, letting you listen in while keeping your eyes on the road. Aha Radio is the first iPhone App that creates on-demand audio stations based on your preferences, location and driving direction. The app is now available for free in the iTunes store.
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    I just updated my Iphone 3G from 3.0 to 3.1.3 and when sending a Picture via txt fails….anybody know why?

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