Free apps roundup for February 26th, 2010

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Free Apps roundup for February 26th, 2010

Wow, what a list this week. We saw quite a few quality apps drop on the App Store (and I’m not referring to Apple’s removal of risqué apps). I have a bunch of apps below for you to choose from, so I’m confident you’ll find at least one to download…

  • Tune Runner – This game makes use of your own music library on your iDevice already. You play the game by tracing shapes onto the screen for obstacles to keep Groov-EE dancing. I know, it sounds a bit strange. Each song creates its own level and worldwide scoreboard, so I’m sure you can find some obscure track to be the world’s best at.
  • NASA Lunar Electric Rover Simulator – When NASA makes an app, you include it on your list. Or at least I felt the need to. This app is supposed to simulate a rover on the moon as if we had a base there. Not sure why they aren’t working harder to make this a reality, but at least there’s an app right? IDK.
  • 3DPong Lite – What’s better than pong? Probably nothing, but 3DPong is at least something different. This game is actually pretty stylish, so I dig it, and I think you will too. Well, as long as you like Pong, but who doesn’t like Pong?
  • AmbiScience – Do you have trouble releasing tension or relaxing? AmbiScience may be able to help you simmer down now with its seven long and seamlessly looped ambient sounds. They claims that the kind of sounds this app produces have been “scientifically proven” to gently and naturally sync your mind. I disagree with the term “scientifically proven” because as far as I’m aware, that’s not possible, but hey, it’s marketing mumbojumbo.
  • VanillaSurf – This app wasn’t released this week, but it is pretty cool. It’s an alternative to Apple’s own mobile Safari internet browser. It actually has more features than Safari, including full screen browsing, tabs with support for offline viewing, downloads, bookmarks (import/export), homepage, multiple search engines, private browsing, text browsing and more. This app is awesome, and it’s free, which is why I’m highlighting it now since I missed it the first time around.
  • Tony Hawk’s Trick Tips Free – So ya wanna be a hipster with some skateboard skills huh? This app will help you get started with the basics of flatland and ledge tricks, though it will not help you get up as fast after falling as a character on any Tony Hawk game.
  • Imgur Free – This app is a free and easy way to upload images straight from your iPhone to That is all.
  • PaPaPaRoulette – I totally thought this app’s title was going to end with a pa pa pa poker face, but I blew that one. Anyway, this app is a really clean and cool looking roulette app. Basically it helps you randomly pick any number from however many numbers you let it set up in a sleek and fancy roulette style way.
  • AirMouse Free – Another week, another iPhone to Mac touchpad app. This one is just like the rest. It requires a server app to be running on your Mac or PC in order to be able to control the machine. You can use it as a touchpad, a keyboard and even to get application notifications. This kind of app is great for controlling a Mac connected to a TV if you don’t have an extra wireless keyboard and mouse.
  • miniDRAW – Do vector based graphics mean anything to you? If so, this is an app for you. It is an app that allows you to create vector graphics on the go. You have control over many aspects of your image including layers, opacity, colors etc. The app does watermark your images, but it might be fun to play around with or to test out if you’re interested in the pay version.
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