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Provides: Extended battery life
Developer: HyperMac
Minimum Requirements: MacBook or iDevice needing enhanced battery life
Price: $199.95
Availability: Now

What’s worse than seeing your MacBook’s battery dip below 10%? Seeing it hit zero? Okay, fair enough. But if this happens to you often, you need a solution. HyperMac has an entire line of batteries just for this purpose. And yes, they come with MagSafe connections. But even if you just have an iPhone or iPad, the HyperMac MBP-060 has you more than covered.

HyperMac MBP-060 with MacBook Pro and iPhone

Actually, if you need an external battery for a MacBook with MagSafe connector, HyperMac is still your only choice. The MagSafe connector, that magnetic thing that charges your MacBook, is proprietary to Apple (read, they won’t sell the connection by itself to anyone for any purpose). Basically, HyperMac is the only company willing to buy Apple MacBook power adapters and hack off the ends simply for the cable. Is it a waste? Maybe, but it’s not HyperMac’s fault, it’s Apple’s for not licensing the connection. Anyway, back to the review.

HyperMac MagSafe cables

They have numerous options, but the best option with both price and portability in mind is the smallest external battery aimed at notebooks, the MBP-060. It’s ideal for when you need extra power on the go for a single day. For most users, that’s enough. And it’s not limited to just your MacBook. You can also use it to power any of your USB gadgets, which makes it a perfect accessory for the iPad. While Apple claims 10+ hours of battery life, in practice, that may be different. And even if it is correct, there are times when you just don’t have access to a power outlet for an extended period of time. This battery will keep you going.

HyperMac MBP-060 sideview

Now a quick word of warning; while this battery can, and will charge a 15.4 or 17 inch MacBook Pro, it doesn’t do so efficiently. These models draw more watts than this model of battery is most efficient at providing. They say the this may reduce the charging abilities of this battery for these models of MacBook Pros to 70%. That’s still pretty useful, though, and not an issue for any MacBook with a smaller screen. It’s also not a concern of the iPad. Okay, back to our regularly scheduled program.

Update – Actually, one more thing. Now that the iPad is actually available, I tested the MBP-060 with it. Sadly, since Apple has chosen to use a special, high powered USB connection, the iPad does not charge optimally with the MBP-060. This was completely unforeseen. That’s not to say that it doesn’t charge though. It functions the same as how most PCs charge the iPad, by stating that it’s not charging. But if you connect the iPad to this battery and then turn off the screen, it will charge, albeit slowly, I promise. With the screen on, this battery (and similar USB connections) should prevent the iPad’s battery from losing charge, though you won’t see it go up at all. What you will see is that pesky “Not Charging” label next to your battery icon. Hypermac may be able to come up with a creative solution involving another cable, but until then, this battery, like every battery currently available, should not be purchased purely for the iPad unless you’re ok with charging your iPad slowly while not in use.

HyperMac MBP-060 batteryThis battery is a bit different from the larger capacity batteries offered by HyperMac. Its design is a bit more sleek, and since it’s targeted towards MacBook Air users, it has the MacBook Air connector as the default option. Mind you, the Air MagSafe connector will work just fine with other MacBooks, even larger Pros. And honestly, it looks nicer.

Next to where this cable is connected, you have the remaining charge button, which lights up some LEDs to indicate how much battery is left at any time. There’s also a place to connect an iDevice or any USB device honestly. You can even use both the USB and the MagSafe connections at the same time for charging! Further down the side you have the recharging port, which looks exactly like the port to which you connect the modified MagSafe connection cable. No worries, they are all appropriately labeled. You can connect an AC or even an optional DC adapter to this port to recharge not only the battery, but your MacBook or other devices as well. This is what HyperMac means on their site when they say you can leave your original Apple charger behind on a trip if you’d like. Also, if you buy the DC adapter, this means you can charge your MacBook in the car. Awesome.

What I really like about this particular model of HyperMac external battery is its portability. You can really drag this thing anywhere without it being noticed. It weighs 0.8 pounds, but I’ve been carrying this around in my bag everywhere and I could barely tell it was in there. Honestly, I keep forgetting that it’s there, but that’s what’s great about it; you can carry it everywhere just in case. Now, how much extended battery life you’re going to get out of this will vary. For a MacBook Pro, you won’t get a full recharge, depending on size. The MacBook Air will get almost two recharges, which is great. But the iPad has a 25 watt hour battery, meaning it will recharge a little more than twice off of this battery. That makes this one of the best accessories currently available for the iPad. (Please see iPad update above).

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  • vainrow

    how sober this set of apple ,smartness of this instrument is so attractive
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  • John

    Best Mac accessory I've ever owned. Sorry but it does NOT work with the iPad, a really important point that the review leaves out. If you are going to review gear you should actually test it instead of just rewriting press releases. jc

  • Jake Gaecke

    Actually, at the time of this writing the iPad was unavailable. I'll hook my iPad up to it, but I'm suspecting that it functions exactly like a PC, only charging when the screen is off. It was a bit unforeseen that Apple would require a special high powered USB port to charge the iPad effectively, and a bit unfortunate actually.

  • Jake Gaecke

    Ok, I went ahead and tested this, and it's just as I suspected. The MBP-060 will charge an iPad very slowly, provided the screen is off. When plugged in with the screen on, you will see a label next to your battery icon that reads "Not Charging" which is not completely true. Battery levels should stay right where they are while connected to this battery with the screen on, and should actually go up if the screen is turned off. This is obviously not ideal, and I'm hoping that Hypermac can think of a creative solution (possibly with an adapter cable to use the charging port like the MacBook cord).

    And I apologize for not going back and updating this article sooner. I've done so now. Thanks for the reminder.