120,000 iPads sold on first day alone?

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iPadAccording to a specific analyst group, Apple may have sold a nicely sized 120,000 iPad units on the first day of pre-orders. If this number seems strange to you, it may help knowing that their math makes sense. Basically, Apple sells about 16,500 orders a day online, but managed to sell about 124,596 on the day of the iPad preorder. Considering that about 1.11 iPads were ordered per customer, we come up with a number around 120,000.

Also, according to math they performed on a sale of 110 iPad orders based on 99 customers (not including reservations), iPad buyers preferred the cheaper and sooner available WiFi-only model over the 3G model two to one. Furthermore, all models (16GB, 32GB and 64GB) are selling about an equal amount in the online Apple store.

Victor Castroll, an analyst with Valcent Financial Group, stated that Apple has been able to generate around $75 million of revenue in one day with an item that most people haven’t even been able to see or touch in person. With continued succes such as this, as well as the eventual release to more countries, Apple sure could have a winner with this product. It will be interesting to see official numbers from them around the time of their next earnings report.

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