iPad mute switch switched to screen rotation lock switch

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iPad Button Switch

Filed under “things Apple normally doesn’t do,” it appears as if our favorite Cupertino based company has changed the function of one of the hardware switches on the iPad before making it available to customers. Apparently, as shown by the outlined diagram of the device on their website, the switch that was once in place for muting the device will now serve as a way to lock the screen rotation. Considering there have been complaints about the inability to do this on the iPhone, it’ll certainly be a nice feature to have on the iPad.

Via [9 to 5 Mac]

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  • weelassie

    I I was considering getting a Kindle DX till this came out. I have even published a work for kindle called Running In Place. I'm now considering an ipad and wonder if they will accept "unknown" authors in the Book Store. Anyone hear about that?