Apple lets you buy apps for others with “Gift This App” feature

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Reeder - Gift This App

Apple has enabled another payment option on the App Store called “Gift This App.” It does exactly what you’d expect it to; it gives you a way to give a specific app as a gift. Finally, a way to get your friends to start using good apps that they say they can’t afford.

This new app gifting feature actually has a number of advantages over just buying a gift card. Most obviously, you don’t have to trust your friends to make the right choices on the App Store; now you can force them to make the right choice! That’s good, because in true Apple style, they don’t know what they want, so we need to decide for them, right?

Secondly, gifting an individual app is often considerably cheaper than buying an appropriately valuable iTunes gift card. Since you don’t have to overshoot the price, you can just pay the exact amount for the exact app you intend to give. And for people who are reluctant to give gift cards because they feel they are unthoughtful, this is perfect for you.

Anyone going to be gifting any apps soon? This might be a great way to gift a GPS app, which might seem like a large purchase for yourself, but as a gift it somehow feels more justifiable. Or, maybe you want to give an iPod touch with a Megallan or TomTom cradle and guidance app. You’re just too thoughtful…

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  • Boris

    That is a fantastic news. I am 100% sure i'll be using this feature. Nice work Apple!

  • Philippe Nyssen

    Great, but again, useless for expats living and having their iTunes account in one country and wanting to offer an app to family abroad. My son called me from Europe to tell me that the iTunes message says: only redeemable in the Russian iTunes Store. I thus paid for something neither he or me can use. Global?