Steve Jobs himself reveals info on upcoming MacBook Pros, more

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Steve Jobs: CEO of the Decade

Steve Jobs certainly has a way with words even through his emails. While most of his random responses to the probably large amounts of emails he receives on a normal basis are no more than a sentence, they do say a lot. Furthermore, since they are coming from the Apple CEO himself, you know they’re accurate. For one, when asked if a user would be able to send Google Docs to his iPad through, Steve Jobs replied with a simple “Yes.” When another Apple fan emailed in regards to whether the iPhone will have a universal mailbox, Jobs also replied with a “Yes.”

However, perhaps the most interesting of his replies concerns MacBook Pros. When emailed from a worrying customer that Apple has been putting too much energy into the iPad and has forgotten about updating the MacBook and MacBook Pro, Steve Jobs urged him simply “Not to worry.” This is especially interesting considering some suppliers have noted smaller amounts of products from Apple recently. What does this mean? Well, if I were you, I’d hold off on purchasing that brand new laptop for a month or so.

Oh, and of course, Jobs’ emails ended with “Sent from my iPad.”

Via [The Unofficial Apple Weblog]

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