Apple adds iPad Camera Connection Kit to the Apple Store

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Apple Store iPad Connection Kit

Apple finally added the last of the announced iPad accessories to the Apple Store online: the iPad Camera Connection Kit. For some reason, Apple didn’t add this accessory initially when they launched the iPad pre-order page. The dock, case and keyboard were all available to be added to an iPad preorder, but the Camera Connection kit was strangely missing. Like the iPad 3G, it won’t be shipping until late April, but you can pre-order the kit now for $29.

The kit includes two adapters. The first is a SD reader, and the second is a dock connector to USB port. It’s this second adapter that is the most interesting to me. The iPad Camera Connection kit states that whenever you plug in one of these adapters, the Photos app launches to allow for easy transfers and viewing of images from your Camera or SD card with your iPad. But what if this was just the beginning…

I see a USB port and I think of all the other things you could do with it. Like hook up a USB microphone, a graphics tablet, a webcam, or so many other accessories. Apple does allow developers to use the dock connection in apps, so it’s possible they’ll allow developers access to this USB port as well. But then again, it is called the Camera Connection kit, so I’m doubting Apple wants you to use it for more than a camera. The overview of the kit also states that it only works with iPad, not any other iDevice. We can hope for iPhone compatibility, but what’s the point?

Even still, maybe they’ll allow a webcam attachment for the iPad and we can all finally get that front (or other direction) facing camera we all want so badly. Guess we’ll just have to wait, see, and likely be slightly disappointed.

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  • catxtwo

    Come on… who writes this stuff. Just do the reporting, stop with the ridiculous filler.

    "We can hope for iPhone compatibility, but what’s the point?" Why even say that, it is totally pointless.

    "Guess we’ll just have to wait, see, and likely be slightly disappointed." Awww…, you'll have the coolest device on the planet but you'll still be sad. Um, stick to writing workshops.